Henrik's Twin Joel Lundqvist Is Having A Bad Week

Saturday, March 20, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik is not happy with this week

Things aren't going so hot for the Lundqvist twins this week. Henrik has a bad game and the world forgets his past saves including the game with 55 saves! Fifty Five. That's insane.

And now Joel Lundqvist is out of play for the rest of the hockey season with the Frolunda Indians back in Goteborg, Sweden. Joel hurt his knee and was off the ice for two days but came back early to help his team. That game didn't go so good as Joel got his wrist fractured nearly at the beginning of the game and is now out for the rest of the season.

From joel lundqvist

Joel Lundqvist wishes he would have stayed in bed. All week.

Yikes. Not a good week. What was the Pisces horoscope for this week? Just stay in bed because this week sucks for you?


Carol said...

I feel bad for Joel that he didn't have the NHL success that Henrik did. That must be tough since they are so close. Wonder if it causes any hurt feelings. Hopefully not. I'm sure they are both very supportive of each other. They seem so close.

christine said...

Isn't it weird that they're identical twins and yet one is much better than the other?

Carol said...

My guess is that it's because they play such different positions. Their training was different through the years since Henrik was a goalie and Joel a center. Plus I've heard them say that their personalities are different...Joel more a team player and Henrik more of a loner. I'd say they have a different mindset and personality, even though they are identical physically. Every person is going to be different, whether they are physically the same or not. I hope that Joel finds as much success as Henrik in his own way. I bet he's huge in Sweden.

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