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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Not Henrik's girlfriend Therese.

I stumbled across a few entires for Henrik at Urban Dictionary. Some obvious fans of the King have submitted their definitions.

Just another synonym for God.
Also means almighty, and is often used in sentences where people describe how someone is supreme to the others.

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and not his girlfriend.

Entry #2 for Henrik is also pretty awesome:
quite literally King.
King Henrik Lunqvist, the best damn goalie the world has seen.

Did you know you can buy these definitions on mugs and t-shirts? I want one for that last entry.

Now onto the last entry for Henrik. This one is rather interesting:
Refers to a guy in his late 20s or early 30s who is quietly arrogant, avoids commitment, drinks excessively, spends as much time as possible partying, only does things if they have direct benefit for him, especially financially, has lots of superfical acquaintances but no real friends as he avoids getting to know people -- but he is the guy everyone likes to invite to social events. An eternal playboy who enjoys being devil's advocate and playing people off one another while trying to avoid getting any negative energy directed at him. Likes to flirt but is not ready for a mature relationship with a woman.
If you want to go on a date with him, you better ask -- he's such a Henrik.

Wow. Let's see...
1. Henrik Lundqvist is 28 so that fits the late 20s/early 30s.
2. He's been dating his current girlfriend since 1998 and brought her over from Sweden, but hasn't married her or gotten engaged yet. Yup, our guy Hank fits the avoiding commitment.
3. Drinks excessively, don't know.
4. Spends time partying, don't know.
5. Only does things if a direct benefit, don't know.
6. No real friends, don't know but the guy is internationally famous and a pro athlete. You tell me how easy it is for them to meet real friends.
7. Guy everyone likes to invite, well duh he's the King!
8. Eternal playboy, well I don't know if he's a playboy but I have definitely gotten an interesting story from someone reasonably close. And he dresses like one.
9. Devil's advocate and manipulating, don't know.
10. Likes to flirt, isn't that any guy?
11. Not ready for mature relationship with a woman, don't know.

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and not his girlfriend.

This entry at Urban Dictionary was made Feb 10, 2010 by Elskede. That night the Rangers played the Predators at Madison Square Garden.

Was this entry written about our guy Henrik, or about another Henrik? Are all Henriks like this? Actually this entry fits a lot of guys I know. Our guy Hank is the most well known Henrik, and the other two entries for this name are about King Henrik. So can we deduce that this entry is also about our guy?

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik and his girlfriend Therese Andersson

Could Elskede be a pen name for Henrik's girlfriend Therese? Perhaps she had a case of Molson one night and got out her frustrations. Or did his other girlfriend, Mystery Woman, write this? Yes, I have heard an interesting story. Perhaps she got ticked that Henrik won't commit to her. But if you're the other woman, what do you expect?

In any case, this is definitely some pretty interesting reading.


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