Henrik Lundqvist Photo Fun

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sportsquee has started their March Madness 2010 sports hottie bracket. There's even a sheet to print out and fill in. Why am I bringing this up? Why because our very own Henrik Lundqvist is in the Young & Hunky bracket! He'll win for sure. He's young. And hunky.

Now on to the photo portion of this post. I was bored. And had stacks of Henrik Lundqvist photos. This never ends well.

From henrik lundqvist

Here we have King Henrik in all his glory. He actually looks really good in the King Tut mask. Perhaps this could be his new goalie mask? The big flaps on the side could be puck deflectors.

From henrik lundqvist

And this is how Henrik feels about the Rangers season this year.

From henrik lundqvist

King Henrik in his happier days. Happier as in thinking of a courtly wench kind of happy.

From henrik lundqvist

Another King Henrik photo, but I like the King Tut one better.


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