Henrik Lundqvist's Tattoo

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yes ladies, he has one! I don't know if he has more than one, but the one he has is interesting in that it's not what I expected. I expected a hockey player to have a tough guy tattoo or a tattoo that marked something like an Olympic gold medal. Or the Frolunda Indians mascot. Or at the least a heart with a Mom banner. Maybe that last one is more American than Swedish. Probably.

From henrik lundqvist

Anyway, Henrik's tattoo is pretty. It looks like a compass rose. A compass rose is the design on maps to display the directions. If it is a compass rose, did he get it when he got his scuba diving certification? I've never heard of anyone commemorating that, but hey maybe he was really excited. Or drunk.

I wonder why he'd get that as the tattoo though, and why is it on the upper back? The upper arm, or back of an upper shoulder, but upper back in the middle? So many questions. I really need to get a hold of someone and gets these questions answered. Inquiring minds want to know.


Carol said...

Hmmm...a little froo-frooey if you ask me. Not what I hoped for when I saw the title of this blog. I don't like tatoos anyway, and this one is just...odd. I hope it has some particular meaning that I'm missing. Hopefully he will explain in an interview someday. I would've rather it been a cartoon character or something funny. ;o)

christine said...

I really wanted him to have a manly tattoo like a skull with hockey stick crossbones or a flaming puck. I need to get a Rangers journalist to ask Henrik about the tattoo.

Carol said...

Oh, a flaming puck...that would be cool! In one of your photos on your site, I think it was Henrik sitting in a hotel room with a white T-shirt on. He looks so tired, that he doesn't really look like himself, but I'm pretty sure it is. Anyway, if it is, it looks like he has other tatoos on his chest...I can see the tiniest of blueish-green ink peeking out from under his shirt...do you know the photo I'm talking about?

christine said...

I think that was Aaron Voros with something peeking out of the white t. The only time I've seen Henrik in a t-shirt was when he was on the plane/bus with Staal sitting next to him.

Carol said...

Yup, you're right. I looked again, and it's definitely not Henrik. I didn't think it was, but since it was there, I thought maybe I was mistaken.

Plus I just remembered the shirtless Brothers ad photos. No tatoos on his chest there. Duh. So that should've given me my answer. ;o) I'm glad. I don't want him to have more tatoos. Nice and clean is how I likes 'em.

ram11273 said...

I have the pic of him and Avery hanging out on a couch. He looks like he just woke up and is wearing a v neck tee. There is ink on the right side of his chest but you can't see what the pic is of.

christine said...

A tattoo on Henrik's chest?

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