Henrik Lundqvist Ready For Game

Monday, March 1, 2010

Henrik is back and ready to go. Here's a video interview with Hank taken today.

"Today, I’m focused on the Rangers; I wanted a couple of days off," said Lundqvist, who didn’t make it back to New York until Saturday after his flight back from Vancouver on Thursday was diverted to Toronto at the last minute because of the snowstorm.

Lundqvist called Auld’s acquisition a "good pickup for us."

Here's some more quotes from Henrik Lundqvist:

"I think it's a great stage. I think it's great for hockey, so I definitely think we should be there," Lundqvist said today of the debate whether NHL players will return for the 2014 Games.

"I don't really understand how you can see it as a bad thing. You see how much exposure the game of hockey gets ... it's ridiculous to think that we're better off not to be there."


Carol said...

I totally agree about NHL players in the Olympics. I couldn't believe when I heard the commissioner saying they weren't sure if they'd be in the 2014 games. Really? Dumb. I know it's a bit disruptive to the NHL season...but I think they exposure the NHL gets by far outweighs the downside. I know of more than just me that became hockey fans during the Olympics. And I will be buying a Lundqvist jersey...so they made money off one person...

christine said...

I know hockey has gotten several female fans due to the Olympics. I want a Swedish Lundqvist jersey!

Carol said...

Those eyes!!! My goodness, those eyes!!! That picture is a great one of his eyes. They are slightly less blue there...more grey. Such pretty, pretty eyes. And I mean that in the most manly version of pretty. Very nice eyelashes for a man.

Carol said...

Thought I'd post my haiku about his eyes here too, since this photo is one of the best showing his eyes...

Light blue sometimes gray,
They make my heart skip a beat,
His eyes so gorgeous

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