Hank Lundqvist Is Chagrined And Needs an Uzi

Friday, March 12, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

And I am chagrined too. I was on the road to St Louis on Wednesday and begged, pleaded, cajoled my coworker to get to the hotel by 6pm so I could catch the Rangers game. I had to see Lundqvist. And the Rangers. But more Lundqvist than the Rangers. Plus they were going to win!

Yeah well, we all know how that game went. It was a horrible night. The stream from justin.tv was crappy and kept breaking up then lagging horribly. Plus we kept getting scored on. Then Lundqvist was pulled. I didn't even see most saves or goals or Hank getting pulled thanks to the crappy stream.

It was a horrible night. Now we've got a game in Atlanta (that I wanted to go to except for this last minute business trip which meant flight and game in Atlanta was out) tonight and I'm scared. I'm extra scared now that Sean Avery has been scratched.

I think Lundqvist should go into the locker room with an Uzi and demand the team plays like he's going to shoot their nuts off if they don't play their damnedest.

I'm sick of watching Hank Lundqvist frustrated as hell, pucks getting knocked into our own goal off our own players, Hank can't see, Hank not getting defensive help. I'm frustrated as hell just watching this crap and I cannot even begin to imagine what the hell Hank is feeling.

Just take off your gloves Hank and start swinging. I'd like to see you clock someone mid game with how frustrated I'm feeling. I'm sure it'd help you feel better too.


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