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Friday, March 12, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

I'm bored with this Thrashers game so while looking for Henke's facebook page I ran across some interviews I hadn't read before. This interview actually sheds more light on his dog Nova, what he does off the ice, how the rest of the team approached his tighter European suits, how he gets those suits so tight and more. I for one would like to thank Henke for taking those suits to a tailor to get them even tighter. THANK YOU. :)

Henke: "Rangers would like us to appear"
It took him only one season to become one of the NHL's best goalies.
Almost as quickly Henrik Lundqvist has become a fashion icon in New York.
- Rangers enjoy myself and my teammates can be seen outside of hockey. We are competing for attention in a tough market, "says Henke.

December 27, 2008
Henke: "The best edition of the Rangers since I came here"

New York Rangers goalie Swedish star has three years in a row, been nominated for the Vezina Trophy, the prize to the NHL's best goalie.

Olympic gold in Turin in 2006 has also given 26-year-old Gothenburg (born in Åre, admittedly) heavy status in North America.

Goalkeepers have a reputation for being odd, bordering on anti-social. Not Henke.
He loves the crowd and has quickly become a popular celebrity in Manhattan.

Market players
Something that the New York Rangers do not mind.
- No, the club's marketing department is working actively for us to appear in other contexts outside of hockey and Madison Square Garden. Preferably in fashion magazines and on Oprah, "says Henke.
There is an explanation.
- Hockey is not the most popular sport in the United States. Here in New York, we compete with the baseball team, the Yankees and Mets, Knicks basketball clubs and the Nets, and so has the city two American football teams, Giants and Jets.
- You have to be visible and in the competition, it is not easy for hockey.
When Lundqvist came to the Rangers fall of 2005 some teammates looked askance at his clothes.

Tight costumes
- Yes, I got some funny looks and hear comments on a regular basis. Many were not accustomed to more tight European suits and looked inquiringly out when I got dressed up to the matches.
Today, Henke got the whole team to dress better.
- In any case, no longer wonder why I go dressed as I do. The European fashion has been proposed through here on a broader front now.
What do you do with clothes that make you always look so well tailored out?
- I often take my newly purchased jackets and trousers to a tailor around the block and get them sewn. They get a little tighter, looks a bit more snazzy out or what to call it.
When magazines like Men's Journal sports celebrities looking for a story Rangers are quick to sell Henrik Lundqvist.

"Good city of fashion"
- It's fun to be with, so long as it does not infringe on hockey and it does not.
How much shopping you?
- I like clothes shopping, it is no secret. But I can not say that I keep up with all the trends and so. I am just trying to dress myself decently. And New York is a great city when it comes to fashion.
Who else on the team has good fashion taste?
- A lot of guys dress pretty well, somebody like Canadian Aaron Were definitely belongs to that group.
Favorite Designers?
- I have worked part with the Swedish brand, as Tiger, Atlas, and then some.

You moved last fall into a new duplex apartment in Manhattan?
- That's right. This is my third apartment since I came to the United States. The first year I lived out in White Plains, a suburb close to the training rink. Then I bought an apartment on the Upper West Side here in Manhattan and now I have bought an apartment in the district of Hell's Kitchen.

Live close to teammates
When Anders Hedberg and Ulf "Lill-Pröjsarn" Nilsson played in the Rangers did not play the club would stay in Manhattan? We found the temptation was too great when it came to nightlife.
- Today says no direction on where we should live. We are a dozen players, who live within a few blocks from each other here on Hell's Kitchen.
What do you do in their free time?
- A lot of different stuff. I like to play guitar, I like to go on the fair and thoroughly accommodating dinners and events. It is seldom I sit at home idle, there's a lot of TV to watch, if nothing else.

Can remain
How is it to be dog owners in my town?
- It's actually easier to have a dog in New York than in Sweden. We have just a few blocks up to Central Park and there is one area where dogs can run free until nine o'clock in the morning, so where do I and my girlfriend Therese often our dobberman Nova.
You're a New Yorker now, you can see you himself to live in Manhattan for a career?
- Maybe not full time, but I can see myself keep an apartment here and have something to come back to. The more time you spend here the more you appreciate the city.


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