Hank Lundqvist vs Penguins Tonight

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hank Lundqvist and the rest of the New York Rangers take on the Penguins tonight. I think Hank is starting but perhaps Auld will see some play time? Auld is a backup goalie that the Rangers picked up in trades yesterday.

I am amazed at how close together these hockey games are. They flew to Ottawa, had a game Tuesday, flew back Wednesday and now have a game on Thursday. They don't get much time at home do they? Does jet lag affect their play? I have a hard time sleeping in new places especially without my pillow. Do you think Hank has the same hangups?

I know hockey goalies are supposed to be slightly deranged and have all sorts of superstitions, but I don't know of any for Hank. Well except for the fact that he has a certain playlist he plays on game days. There are songs in a specific order that get him revved up. Before game time you always see Hank with the ear buds in his ears listening to his playlist.

Does anyone know what is on Hank's pre game playlist? That would be pretty cool if we could find out and then rock out all day in pre game prep with Hank. I think I need to contact Lundqvist Productions or is it Lundqvist Promotions and see if I can find out some of this info. Along with any superstitions or rituals he has on game day.

Anyway, hope you get a shutout tonight Hank!


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