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Sunday, March 7, 2010

From Drop Box

Here's video and pictures of the confrontation between Henrik Lundqvist and Sidney Crosby. Apparently Crosby is known for diving to the ice and embellishing anything that happens to him so get players on the opposing teams in the penalty box. It's a shame someone in the NHL has to resort to those tactics.

I'd like to see people end up in penalty boxes for things they actually do. And for teams to win based on talent and work not because one of their players dived and got someone kicked into a penalty box.

Can you tell I agree with Henrik Lundqvist on this one?

So here's what happened. Sidney Crosby took a dive. Laid down with arms up, taking forever to stand up so he could milk it for all it's worth (someone should tell him they don't give out Oscars for acting in the NHL), and Henrik Lundqvist skated over and told him to stand up. Lundqvist said in an interview the Crosby dives all the time and he was sick of it. Sidney didn't like the slam to his poor acting skills and cross checked Lundqvist which started WWIII on the ice as the Rangers jumped up to tell Crosby what they thought of him.

Someone should tell Crosby that diving needs water that is not frozen.


Carol said...

I loved that Henrik called Crosby on his theatrics. And I loved how his teammates came to his defense. Very entertaining all the way around. You can suck it, Crosby.

Tere said...

Crosby is such a big baby :P

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