King Henry Kept Real By Girlfriend And Brother

Sunday, March 14, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Here's another interview about our guy King Henry, but this one is neat because he tells a little bit more about his personal life. Especially if he requests to be referred to as King Henry and how that goes over.

Clothing style is so personal, but if I shall be deleted from my point of view, so yes, I dress better. But who am I?

Is it not embarrassing to be so praised as you become?
- I have a twin brother and a girlfriend who is cutting me to the ground. Everything has come in stages so I have learned to handle it. It did not happen overnight like.

You are called "King Henry". Have you ever been using your own nickname?
- Ha ha, I can joke about it at the dinner table, especially with my brother. But I would never use it outside.

How childish can a bunch of hockey millionaires actually be in the dressing room? Towel soon? Kiss of the shampoo bottle?
- Maybe not the last one (smiles). But of course it will be very joke. Grabber and childish!

Where are the clothing interest?
- I always liked clothes, but it has emerged more and more. I'm the only one wearing a suit, whether we travel by bus or plane.

Is it important to go neatly dressed?
- The important thing is that you feel good! I feel good when I have nice clothes for myself and feel more comfortable that way. Some just need t-shirt, cap and flip flops to thrive and where will they run on it.

Mats Sundin has said that you dress more elegant. What do your teammates?
- Once I went to the collection directly from a TV studio and then it was not hatched from that they called for a goalkeeper and no bassist.

Which hockey players would you like to give a make over and why?
- A teammate of New York, Jason Strudwick. He looks pretty good, but he dresses for the damned with shirts from the 80 - and 90's.

Have you and Joel a "twin connection"?
- We are incredibly tight, but I do not know if he is doing badly right.

Who got the chicks when you were younger?
- For us it was actually only sport that was then. But he's not here right now and can defend themselves so I have to say that it was me!

Facts about Henke

Name: Henrik Lundqvist
Age: 27
Occupation: Goalie ice hockey team New York Rangers in the NHL.
Lives: New York
Current: Brothers Campaign with twin brother Joel
Family: Girlfriend Therese Andersson


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