Henrik Lundqvist's Underwear

Sunday, March 28, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Yup. That's right. This post is about Henrik's underwear. I actually only know of one type of underwear he wears. And he only wears it when he plays hockey. And it's ugly. Sorry. I know, all our fantasies just shot to hell. But we can still imagine him in his Calvins, right?

Here's the hockey undies. It is apparently a best seller. Was it a best seller before word got out that Henrik wears them? I wonder.

Other best sellers include the ProZero Gunde Wind Boxer shorts that ward off the cold at the most basic layer. Made with the Gore-Tex® WindStopper® fabric on the front panel, the garb also has moisture-wicking Pro Zero fabric that keeps for moisture control and warmth. Needless to say, pro athletes love this line…like Henrik Lundqvist, the NY Rangers supreme goalie.

Glad Henrik's got some undies on that will help keep him warm on the ice. Notice how I refrained from any jokes or comments about frozen, shrunken things. I have class! LOL

From henrik lundqvist

Wet Henrik. Notice the rain spots on his coat and his wet hair. Wet. Hair. Also notice how skinny his thighs are. Not fair!


Carol said...

They look goofy hanging on the hanger, but I bet they look fiiine on Henrik!

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