Henrik Lundqvist Quotes on Game Against Buffalo Sabres

Monday, March 8, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

Another Swedish interview about Henke Lundqvist.

I knew I was in trouble when he was so quickly arrived on the first return. I do not know how many times he had to shoot before it went in, I just hoped that one of our players would take him away,
sighing "Henke".

Yes I think Henke has been waiting all season for some help from the rest of the Rangers.

It's really frustrating. It's just that we succeed in our fight for a point, but we need everyone we can get right now.

We have to believe in it, but of those who are involved in bar fight, we are those who have clearly toughest remaining game programs. So we must fight and we have to snatch us all points we can
, "said Lundqvist.

I almost wish Henke would demand to get traded to a team that has a better chance of ever getting the Stanley Cup. Henke deserves that.


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