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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In keeping with the Star Wars themed posts that Hockey Girls started today, I have dubbed Henrik Lundqvist 'Han Solo' because he's ruggedly handsome, smiles with a smirk, looks good in a uniform, comes in to save the day and beat the evil empire (the opposing team). And Han Solo goes on to be the man everyone one wants to be instead of that whiny Luke Skywalker.

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So here's to Henrik Han Solo Lundqvist pulling another win out of the air tonight. Game is in Versus and I'm very excited to watch it on a TV! My 52" HDTV to be exact. All other games I'm squinting at my monitor watching the stream on my computer. It'll be so nice to see his mug at 52" and high def. Damn he's good looking. Here's some Henrik Lundqvist pictures to tide us all over till we see his mug on the TV tonight.
From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist

From henrik lundqvist


Carol said...

I especially enjoyed this post, because my husband was called Han Solo in the Army. Ruggedly handsome, looks good in a uniform, etc. etc.

christine said...

LOL You're lucky you got a hot one!

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