Henrik Lundqvist Career High Saves Tonight

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist was incredible tonight. He was hot, sharp and on fire as he made a career high 46(50?) saves tonight. The rest of the Rangers however, let Henrik down. Henrik held the game together with some really amazing saves.

But seriously, where the hell were the shots on goal against the Penguins? I cannot believe how much the Penguins were hanging around Lundqvist. I mean he's hot and all, but they don't need to stand around the net and stare at Lundqvist that much.

So yeah, I'm pissed. I know Henrik will blame himself for this, but he cannot shoulder an entire team. Where was the offense? If they went after shooting on goal like they go after fighting, we may have a good team.

Henrik started off the game mad though, it seems. Sidney Crosby went down behind Lundqvist and Henrik skated back and said something to Crosby that he didn't take too well and nailed Henrik in the chest. The surrounding Rangers immediately went after Crosby. I wonder what he said. I wonder if Henrik is just mad as hell he didn't medal or what the deal was.

I am really disappointed in the rest of the Rangers for not being more aggressive with being at the Penguins end and shooting. Give Henrik some help!

Henrik should feel no shame with this game, he was stunning.


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