Horrible Henrik Lundqvist Photos

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hank is not having a good week.

“When you’re not winning, it’s miserable.”
Thus stated after their demoralizing loss to the Bruins on Sunday. It was demoralizing for all the fans too.

Since Henrik is having a bad week, and I'm having a bad week since the Rangers lost so bad and are pretty much out of the playoffs, I decided to go with misery loves company and am now showing the worst photos Henrik has taken.

No. Just, No. Do not ever do this again. The 80's pose and 80's clothing is just No. Who made you do this? You weren't even a teenager in the 80s! This photo makes me seriously cringe.

I have no idea what is going on here. But don't do it again.

Henrik Lundqvist
Henrik looks like he's terrified. Probably of the guy's arm around his waist.

From henrik lundqvist

I think Henrik got his butt grabbed the second this photo was shot.

From henrik lundqvist

Well, you were kids. But burn this photo. And sue anyone that publishes it. Myself included.

From henrik lundqvist

This photo! I just bust out laughing every time I see it. That is an honest to God grimace on Henrik's face! LOL

From henrik lundqvist

I know Sean Avery took this pic of Henrik, and that's fine. What is not fine is the dad outfit Henrik is wearing. You look like a dorky dad and not a dorky DILF. The dad sweater has to go.

From henrik lundqvist

I have secondhand embarrassment.

From henrik lundqvist

Proof white men can't dance. But I love this photo because Henrik looks so adorable and happy. Awwwwwwwwwwww.


Carol said...

The "butt grab" one is so hilarious!!! It's good to know that even beautiful people take bad pictures now and then. Makes me feel less non-beautiful. ;o)

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