Should King Henrik be Captain Henrik?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

I didn't really think it until now, but after the the report came out about Henrik ripping the boys into shape during 3rd period, I really think Henrik should be captain of the Rangers.

But there is more to Lundqvist than the goaltending support he provides that is Brodeurian in its consistency. Indeed, on a club whose locker room might be mistaken for transient housing, Lundqvist has emerged as a leader and spokesman.

He talks for the team the way Brodeur does for New Jersey. He talks-or shouts-at them at times the same way, too. A timeout midway through last night's third period after the Devils had swept in on a series of breakaways and odd-man rushes happened to be one of those times.

"I snapped," Lundqvist told The Post. "We were just giving up way too much, and I knew that it had to stop if we were going to win the game.

"I understand that you can't be screaming every time there are breakdowns, but sometimes I don't think it hurts to say a few words. I was definitely not happy."

"I definitely feel the responsibility to be a leader and to say what's on my mind, whether on the ice or in meetings," Lundqvist said. "Even something like, when Aves [Sean Avery] and I were telling the guys earlier in the year about this rivalry, because so many of them are new and don't know."

From henrik lundqvist

Lundqvist taking it upon himself to call out the team and shape them up. Lundqvist helping the new guys. Everytime there's a post practice or post game interview, who is always interviewed? Lundqvist.

Henrik is acting like team captain without the cute C on the jersey. As a matter of fact, when has Drury acted like the captain this year? I don't know.
From henrik lundqvist

I don't know what other awesome privileges come with being captain other than a C on the jersey. Vestal virgins singing his praises after he skates off the ice? Personal masseuse after practices? His own room when they travel? First dibs on hot chicks in the bars? I have no idea, but whether there are extra privileges or not, Henrik is obviously the Ranger most respected.

What would we call him then? Captain King Henrik? Cap? Caprik? Capking? Capo Lambo? I seriously need to come up with better nicknames. Those were awful.

Here's hoping Henrik is captain next year. Cheers to Henrik!
From henrik lundqvist

The King surrounded by his adoring subjects.


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