Henrik Lundqvist at his Swedish Hockey Camp

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've got some photos from Henrik's Gold in the Net hockey goalie camp in Sweden.

From Henrik Lundqvist

It's odd not seeing him in a suit, isn't it?

From Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik is the one in the middle they're all bowing down to. Of course they could probably just be doing stretches, but it is King Henrik we're talking about. I'm sure they're bowing.

From Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik and a typical Swedish boy all tan with bright blond hair. He's a hocky camp participant. Lucky kid.

From Henrik Lundqvist

Here's another one. I just can't get over the casual attire he's wearing!

From Henrik Lundqvist

And here's Henrik's Swedish Maserati. Notice how everyone is just standing around watching him pull out of his parking spot. I guess Maseratis aren't seen that much in Sweden either.

From Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik looking cute all bundled up coaching on the ice.

From Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik driving. You'd think he'd get the Maseratis in two different colors, one for New York and one for Sweden. I like the wedgewood blue color with cream interior myself.

From Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik is winking! Or trying not to get blinded by the sun. Notice his hockey pads in the passenger seat. And his legs. It's not often we get to see Henrik in shorts!

From Henrik Lundqvist

He definitely has 2 Maseratis instead of just shipping his New York car over to Sweden.

From Henrik Lundqvist

It's a gorgeous car isn't it?


Robyn F. said...

Not just a gorgeous car: a gorgeous man!! Love the pic with the shorts in the car. :)

Trish said...


Holy hell, is the (translated) headline of the link above scary if you don't read it correctly... Don't skip one crucial (the 4th) word :p

And as for the pictures, I love him in the cazh warm-up suit :) Stranger than the casual look, I think, is the picture of him with non-goalie gloves and a non-goalie stick - now that's weird! Oh, and in the first picture, is Mr. Uber-fashion committing the dreaded socks-and-sandals faux pas??

CoffeeMonster said...

Nice car. Surprised the photographer didn't blur out his plates though. Guess the fans over in Sweden aren't as fanatical as they are in the US.

christine said...

I shuddered when I saw he had socks on with the sandals too! Perhaps they are goalie socks and too much of a pain to take off just to go outside and talk about hockey?

Carol said...

Those are more what I call "soccer slides" I think, rather than sandals, and totally acceptable with socks. I wear them sometimes...when you are working out or whatever and have to wear socks, but don't want to have to tie up shoes in between times. Very convenient. But that's just me, I guess. ;o)

I love all these casual pictures of Henrik...the one in the car in shorts is so sweet!!! And what a good athlete drinking water.

Those kids must be so stoked to be there with him!!!

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