Is This a Photo of Henrik Lundqvist?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ran across two photos, one people say is Henrik and the other looks like Henrik. But are they really photos of Henrik Lundqvist?

The first photo is from this blog back in August 2009. The blog says:

Very beautiful I've seen. Henrik Lundqvist of the NHL, the world's best-dressed man Tännforsen, in several giant cameras.

I don't think it's our guy Hank but could it be? The photo is named Henrik Lundqvist NHL. Pretty much everyone in the comments are swooning over Hank. I don't know though. Click through for a bigger photo.

The second photo is one I stumbled across and at first I really thought it was Hank circa 2006 when he had his longer haired bad boy look. You know, the one we all love? :)

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

I wondered if it was a photo no one had seen of Hank before, but no it's Tarkan from, a singer. Pretty close resemblance though. But we all know Henrik is the better looking one!


Trish said...

Nope, not him, in my opinion, not even close. Becomes pretty obvious when you go to the blog and see the larger picture.

Unless it's his evil twin... Except, no. He already has a twin, and we know what he looks like too. And it's not either one of them in that picture :p

That said, if Henrik himself would like to prove me wrong by just giving me a call to explain, that's fine... :)

christine said...

I think that in the interest of journalism we need to do an in depth study of the photo and the real article. Now if only we had the real article available to study. Do you think he'd be interested? LOL

Trish said...

Perhaps, lol. If you go to your Wild game, just hang around after to ask him :) For the sake of journalism, of course.

Carol (José Theodore Blog) said...

Yup, my vote is also for definitely not him. His facial structure just doesn't look right.

And the guy in the 2nd photo looks a lot different. His nose, etc. are quite different. And I don't think I've ever seen him in eye liner. And I don't want to either. ;o)

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