Henrik & Joel Lundqvist Save Lives!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Henrik and Joel are heroes in a kayak tragedy. I love how dramatic they made the title, but in this case it sounds like it's actually relevant.

Henrik, Joel, dad, uncle and a friend were boating to lunch when they came across the kayakers. One kayak was upside down with the guy still strapped in. They got both on board, still alive, and boated them back to safety. I didn't think Henrik's approval rating could get any higher, but it just did!

From joel lundqvist

In rough weather rescued Tre Kronor-star Henrik Lundqvist and his brother Joel two canoeists who proposed around the archipelago of Gothenburg.
- We arrived at the right time, "says Henke Lundqvist to GT.

Twin brothers Joel and Henke was out with a friend from Öckerö in his boat the other day. Taking on board were also brothers father and uncle.
It blew properly, over ten meters per second.
- We were on the way from Öckerö to Rörö for lunch, "says Joel Lundqvist.
- When we got to see something yellow in the water and we headed there.
They were quite far from the object in the water.
- When we got closer we saw that there were two people and two kayaks lying there, "said Henrik Lundqvist.
- One of them was pretty quiet but the second was the ratings included and said he had not been dried more.
The canoeist who was most ratings included were stuck in his kayak, which was upside down.
Save your friend
- He was restrained in any way, "says Henry.
The other canoeist had been in his kayak. He had pitched around when he tried to rescue his friend.
- It blew well, but his friend who was driving the boat know their stuff and we helped to get them into our boat.
Was refrigerated
The two canoeists had been in the water for a while and was chilled.
- One of them did not get to swim the two yards to our boat but we had to grab him to get him up, "says Henke.
- We really came at the right time.

Motor boat took the kayaks in tow and went back to Öckerö with canoeists.
- They thought it was nice to get up in the boat.
The brothers do not want to appear as heroes but Henke admits that it was fortunate that they were in the right place at the right time.
- It was lucky that it went so well that it happened, "he says.


Carol said...

So glad they happened by. Wish they could've supplied a photo of said Lundqvist family on the boat.

I'm glad Henrik is getting some summer enjoyment in the off-season. He deserves a good rest.

Gawd, I hope I get to see him in January...

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site henriklundqvisthockey.blogspot.com
Is this possible?

Carol said...

Anonymous, are you addressing your question to the blogowner here?

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