More Henrik Photos from Tribute Game in Sweden

Monday, August 23, 2010

Henrik eating a banana while looking concerned? Worried? Scared he just bit into half a banana worm? Are there such things as banana worms?

I ran across some more photos of Henrik. The first two are of the public training hour. They show Henrik from the back, but that's ok. We can see more of his hockey butt that way!


Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

So it is a banana! I have never seen anyone eat a banana like that...but I guess maybe guys prefer that since if they eat it the "other way" it might look a little...meh. I saw the bananas on the table, but I just couldn't figure it out in his hands. Duh.

Trish said...

I was also (still am?) highly confused by the banana-eating method there. Doesn't look like a banana he's holding, if that is what it is... Maybe that's what the look on his face is for - someone else said it looked strange, and he's just like, dude, this is what I always do.

Misty said...

That First Pic Is My Absolute Favorite:

1. The expression on his Face
2. The Banana Thing
3.Hockey Theme of the Photo.

Needless to say the camera caught him in the Right Moment.....LOL

christine said...

At first I thought it was corn on the cob, but then I saw the bananas on the table. But really, it's just an odd photo! Except for the glorious blue/white checked shirt and tight dark jeans. But his face is priceless!

Carol (I Love Goalies! Blog) said...

I just realized in the 2 bottom photos the goalie's mask/helmet is a different color than Henrik's. Did he have a special one for this event? I'll have to look at the other photos...I love goalie masks, so I was just curious if he had something different.

Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

Ok, disregard my comment about wondering if that was his mask, because I didn't recognize the back. But I saw in the video Trish posted that it is what his mask looks like from the back. And now I know. ;o)

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