Henrik Lundqvist's New Bauer Pads

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Henrik got some new Bauer pads and took part in a promo photoshoot with some other players: Kane, Stamkos, Johnson, Kesler, Eric Staal, Kessel, Seguin, Lundqvist, Schenn, Dubnyk, and Carter.

Henrik gets new pads every year and works with Bauer on getting them exactly right. I like the look them. They look artistic. I'm sure no one really cares what they look like as long as they work.

I wonder if there is some psychology on how the pads look. Do mainly white pads make it hard for forwards to see where the pads end and the ice begins? Can they put skulls and flames on the pads if they want, or do they need to stick to the teams color scheme?

Look at how tan he is!


Carol said...

I love that sexy beast!

Trish said...

There are different schools of thought on goalie pads, I believe. Yes, white is supposedly to trick the shooters, who have been trained to shoot for the white ice/net/boards (i.e., where the goalie ISN'T). So, theoretically, white pads messes with shooters. I even read something once about some kid who was trying to patent his own pads that have a net pattern on them so you end up looking exactly the same as the net. Other people say that light/white pads look bigger, and dark ones smaller - if a shooter thinks they have more room because of small, dark pads, but they actually don't - BAM! SAVE! - when they didn't think the goalie had a chance.

That said, unless you're one of the goalies who goes all white - Fleury comes to mind - and believes that helps, it seems like the rest of them don't put too much stock in that either way. HL himself has gone from pretty dark all over when he used TPS, to mostly white with Bauer last year, to something in the middle this time. With him, who knows - maybe he just thinks they look nicer this way :p

Or maybe there's some high science that only NHL goalies are aware of that lowly recreational players don't know about :p

Oh, and I think for the most part it's just a given that they go with a team color scheme. Sometimes you get call-ups from the minors who don't match the NHL team, but other than that, whether it's required or not, I think they WANT to match their team. Team spirit and whatnot. When the Rangers got Alex Auld last year, he immediately went out and got a super Ranger-ified mask, with Richter and the Cup on it. Even on helmets, where they do get more creative and personalized (skulls and bones, even), they still usually stick to team colors.

End hockey dork lecture.

Yes, Hank is purdy and tan :p

christine said...

I was amazed at how white his jersey was and how dark his skin was!

I think it would be neat to have blue/red flames up the front of the leg pads.

Those pads are so big I don't know how he can even walk around. He must feel like the marshmallow man.

christine said...

Did anyone notice the Rangers tickets are on sale? Cheapest price for Minneapolis is still over $100!

Trish said...

Where are what tickets on sale? I was pretty sure that home tickets at MSG don't show up on same until September...

I can attest to the fact that wearing goalie gear, yes, has that marshmallow-man feeling. Or like the kid who turned to a blueberry in Willy Wonka and had to get rolled away :p

Carol said...

I think the oversized nature of all goalie gear is one reason I find goalies endearing. They look like little boys in big boys gear. ;o)

But it does make it more amazing that they can move so quickly in all that stuff.

I am trying my hand at blogger, but since you already had an awesome Henrik site, Christine, I didn't want to compete with that. So I have one for goalies in general (I love Goalies) and one for Jose Theodore (my 2nd favorite.)

I assume if you click on my user name, they'll show. Feel free to stop by!

Hutch said...

Henrik's pads are legit, I'm saving up for the same model. Although I think I stumbled on a girlie hockey blog. It's cute by the way.

You get used to goalie gear, I've been carting that stuff around since I was for almost 19 years.
Although you sometimes feel fat.

I'm 5'5, 156 lbs and once i'm suited I look like 400! Goalie skates are only sharpened on one side of the blade so it's all about gliding.

Carol said...

Hi Hutch! It is a bit of a "girlie" site. ;o) But I think we talk about hockey too...it's just off-season, so not much hockey to talk about. Haha!

Can't wait for the season to start. I hate summer!!! No real sports!!

And thanks for the info on the skates...I had no idea about that.

Hutch said...

LOL I can admit to Henrik being Pretty I'm envious of his fabulous hair, I'm secure in my sexuality. I just work on hockey videos during the off season to tide me over.
But I definitely can't wait for the season to start.

I'm thinking of doing lundqvist edit with in the next month or so. I'm glad I dropped a new tidbit of info for you ma'am.

Carol said...

Ooh, a Lundqvist edit. If you do one, you'll have to come back and let us know you did...post it on your blog for us to see or something.

We've actually had discussions about his hair...most of us don't prefer the "dad hair" he's got going on more often lately (kind of slicked back.) I prefer when it's a little mussy.

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