Hot Bitch Henrik Lundqvist!

Monday, August 2, 2010

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

Check out those shades. That leather jacket. The ruffled hair. That smirk. OMG

The Tea Partier met Henrik but she doesn't say where, when, why or how. Or if he was wearing tight jeans with that leather jacket.

We have an update! The Tea Partier responds:
He was in Hönö, Sweden where my boyfriend’s family lives. It’s just outside of Gothenburg. He was teaching a hockey camp for kids I think. But when I saw him he was sitting at the harbor in Klåva waiting on his brother to pick him up (his brother and sister-in-law had been borrowing his car). So he was just sitting out there alone on a bench waiting for someone to come ask him for a picture! And yes, he was wearing fairly tight jeans. He looked really good. :)

TIGHT JEANS! I can't believe he was just sitting on a bench waiting for a pickup. LOL


Carol said...

Haha!! That's an awesome story, and picture! I don't know that I'm into the black leather jacket look, but I love the windblown hair. That would be crazy to see Henrik just sitting on a bench! Joel taking his car...crazy brother!

Anna said...

Did you know Henrik will play a game in Ängelholm the 21st of august? It will be a game to honour Kenny Jönsson. Besides Lundqvist, stars like Sundin and Zetterberg will also play. It's called 'Kenny all stars vs. Rögle BK'. Would be really cool to see, but unfortunately I'm not in Sweden that day!

Carol said...

Thanks for the info, Anna. I have to admit I had to look up who Kenny Jönsson was though. For those out there who don't know, he played briefly for the Maple Leafs, then the Islanders, and then back in SEL. And at the 2006 Olympics he was the Defender of the Tournament. Pretty cool. He actually has 2 gold medals, because he was also on the '94 team.

Hutch said...

Thats pretty spiffy....can't said I dig the wind tussled hair. It's a little to pretty.
Change the shades to a set of aviators and make that jacked a brown and give him a light blue shirt. The look would really pop.

henkelundqvistaddict said...

What? No More News? Crazy Fantasies ?
AWWWwwww C'mon!


Nice PIC....

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