Henrik at Informal Practice This Morning

Monday, August 30, 2010

Henrik and 10 others showed up to an informal practice this morning. Training camp actually starts on 9/17. Henrik survived three on three and then they all did laps around the rink. Henrik apparently has the 2nd darkest tan, which I find hard to believe as his latest photos show him pretty tan!

Henrik gets his double decker bus dedicated to him tomorrow so there should be some pics of that. A bus! You'd think he could get his own Maserati dealership but I guess a bus is a start.

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Carol (I Love Goalies! Blog) said...

Oh, I'm getting so excited about the season starting!!! This just makes it seem so much closer!!!

christine said...

38 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misty said...

I Hope We Have Good Team This Year, Hopefully Sather Won't Screw It Up....

Can't wait for the Season to Start Too.....!!!

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