Henrik and Fashion Show Drama!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wow. Just ran across a fashion blogger that was at the Tiger of Sweden show in Stockholm and had a front row seat to a little altercation that happened because another fashion blogger was pissed at Henrik!

You can see Henrik and Therese in the front row. She's in black and Henrik is in a gray suit. Our favorite Christmas tinsel shoulders is at the end of the row. You start to see Henrik at 19 seconds in.

Because of a seating mishap before the show started, two high-profile fashion bloggers were bumped off away from their seat to accommodate VIP guest, Swedish professional ice hockey player for the New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist and his partner Therese.

One blogger graciously moved to another spot while the second blogger spat vitriol and exchanged stern words with the famous hockey player for being on the wrong seat, without, of course, knowing how big of a deal he is (the sports star).

In the end, show producers had to grab special chairs and sat the Olympic Gold medal player and his paramour in the opposite side of the front row. Eeek! I must say it was rather painful to watch!

Too bad that Henrik had to endure that blogger's tantrum. I can see how someone would be a bit miffed at being moved last minute to a less desirable spot, but Henrik was a guest of the Tiger of Sweden brand.

Not only that but Henrik really promotes the brand without getting paid for it. He's a well known hockey player idolized in Sweden and loved in the U.S. and has mentioned in many interviews that Tiger of Sweden is his favorite brand. He shops there every summer and flies back to New York with new clothes in August.

That's a VIP for the brand right there. Much more important than a fashion blogger that writes one page about the show. I think it was horrible behavior on part of that blogger to rip into Henrik!


Carol (I Love Goalies! Blog) said...

Oh, ouch. Not pleasant. Sorry to hear this happened. Henrik is big PR for Tiger, so it's totally understandable that they'd want him right in the front row. Wish they would've gotten it worked out beforehand so this unpleasantness didn't have to happen.

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