Henrik's Knee Is Still Painful.

Friday, August 20, 2010

This is not good news. According to Expressen even though Henrik has had a three month vacation he still has knee pain and even had a cortisone shot a month ago. Dear god what's going to happen this season if Henrik is going into the season still with knee pain?

Henrik was interviewed after NHL player's training in Frölundaborg. I believe this quote is about being on the New York Rangers team.

You're miserable, so far, really unlucky. And you are as surprised every year that is so bad. But, sadly, it is, "he says and laughs.

Yeah. It is bad. It doesn't seem like switching teams to get the Stanley Cup is an option for Henrik though.
He makes no secret of the fact that he is in the NHL to win the titles. But he has never thought about changing club address to more easily reach them.

Henrik also thinks that it will be a battle at the end for a playoff spot. As always.

For the past two weeks Henrik has been training and building his body back up with ten other NHL players in Frölundaborg. Hank still considers Gothenburg home but really likes New York City.

The other NHL players that Henrik is training with are: Daniel Alfredsson of the Ottawa Senators, Erik Karlsson of the Senators, VICTOR Stålberg of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Fredrik Sjöström of Toronto Maple Leafs, Joakim Andersson of Detroit Red Wings, Fredrik Pettersson of Atlanta Thrashers, LARS OR of Montreal, PHILIP LARSEN
of Dallas Stars, Loui Eriksson of Dallas Stars.

I'm a bit surprised they're all training together. Won't they learn Henrik's style and weaknesses? Will Henrik learn theirs?


Anna said...

That first quote wasn't about being on the rangers team, it was about how suprised he is every year when he starts training in Sweden about how bad he is. That he's far from top form right now and will really start training when he's back in NY.
He did also mention that after the cortisone shot, there is still some pain left but it does feel quite ok now.

But yeah, still sounds pretty worrying...

Trish said...

Not that I want him to be necessary because of an injury to HL, but stuff like this is one reason we got Martin Biron. Yes, he can relieve Hank if he gets hurt, but he can also play more than last year's non-existent backups did. Which will lead (hopefully) to a healthier HL; odds are that knee injury might not have happened had he not been so overworked toward the end of the season in their last-ditch playoff bid.

So here's hoping that between HL and Biron, the Rangers' goalies manage to get/stay healthy and still stop a hell of a lot of pucks in the process!

On a different note, Biron is not in the same league as HL in the looks department, but he does also have super blue eyes. Does that count for anything in the NHL? The Rangers having the goaltending tandem with the prettiest eyes? :p

Carol said...

I wonder how many professional athletes (especially those in contact sports like hockey and football) are in pain all the time? Probably a lot, unfortunately. Lots probably have to live on pain killers and cortisone shots. It's lucky they can even move after retirement.

I hope Henrik is able to get some relief for his knee and able to get a little back-up this season. Even though Henrik wants to be able to play every game, it's just not a good thing for a professional goalie.

I read an article a bit ago showing the number of games that a goalie plays compared to how far their teams got in the playoffs. It was indicating that if a goalie gets some rest during the season they'll be able to last longer in the playoffs. Makes sense of course. No one is superman.

I'll have to check out Mr. Biron's eyes...

Anonymous said...

I'm Sure Torts(John Tortorella,NYR Head Coach) Can Put In the Back Up, While Hank recovers.....Also Gives us fans a chance to get to know the backup and see what He's Made Of.

Right Now, I think is too early to get really worried because a lot could change btw now and when the season actually starts.....

NYR Depends on Hank A Lot, Even Too Much I'd say. It's a good chance for the players to get the idea that we don't need to depend on the goalie 99.99 percent of the time.

CoffeeMonster said...

I do hope his knee is alright, but we did sign Martin Biron for a reason. He's a reliable goalie; he has plenty of NHL experience and I do think he'll be a good fit with the Rangers. Plus he's going to help provide the rest that Lundqvist needs.

As much as I love Lundqvist, I'm just as excited to see Biron in the net every now and then.

As for Lundqvist training with the other teams players, it's actually not that uncommon. For example, Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals, Ilya Kovalchuk and Nik Zherdev of the Flyers have training together in Russia, along with several other Russian NHL players.

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