Henrik Lundqvist's Bandit Radio Interview

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thanks to reader Anna we have a summary of what Henrik was discussing with Bandit Radio during his interview. The interview while he was wearing the alleged leather pants.

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

The interview summary:
They asked which NHL arena is best and which worst, and Henrik answered that Pittsburgh is worst but that they're building a new one. They also talked a bit about MSG, Henrik told for example that the ice actually is on the fifth floor of the building.

They talked a bit about injuries, Henrik said that for him it's mostly the knees and hips and that his knee is not perfect yet. He has basically been playing injured all year last season but he loves to play and is not there to sit on the bench. He's just learned to deal with the injuries.
They say the schedule is much tighter in NHL than in Sweden, hardly any time to give yourself a rest and a lot of travelling.

He also said he saw Denzel Washington in a Broadway play and that he was very good.

One of the interviewers said that they had spoken on the phone when Henrik was in NY for the first time, while he was still staying in a hotel. He had asked him what it was like to drive in NYC, and Hank had answered without a second of thought "I HATE it". Henrik laughed about that and said he had gotten used to it now and it's not a problem anymore.

Then they talked about the kayak accident, he basically told what we already knew about it. Henrik said they had been surprised by the wind, and one of the interviewers answered that they must have been even more surprised to see Henrik Lundqvist there. Hank answered that when he took the hand of one of the kayak guys to help him onto the boat, the first thing the guy said was: "I recognize you!!". They laughed quite a bit about that.

Read more: http://henriklundqvisthockey.blogspot.com/2010/08/henrik-lundqvist-in-leather-pants.html?showComment=1282379622464#c4519083701470763065#ixzz0xG8BiCde


Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

Thanks for the translation, Anna!! I had no idea that the ice was on the 5th level of MSG. That place must be huge!!

Anna said...

No problem, I just summed up some of the things they said. Don't mind giving some translations every now and then if you guys need any :)

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