Lundqvist Craft Items To Buy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Henrik is loved the world over, and apparently has inspired some craft items on Etsy.

The first is a Henrik Lundqvist camera strap.

This thing is awesome! It says Lundqvist across the back of the neck and in the front on strap it says NYR and the other 30. Perfect! I think I need to buy this before I go to the NY Rangers/Minnesota Whatevers game in November.

The next crafty item are Swedish Lapland bracelets on Etsy also.
You'll notice they don't actually say Henrik or Lundqvist or show his mug. But Henrik has been spotted wearing them! OMG Be just like Henrik and wear a Swedish Lapland bracelet! And the bracelets are pretty neat anyway.

From Henrik Lundqvist

Notice about four of the bracelets on Henrik's wrist in this photo.


Carol (I Love Goalies! Blog) said...

Oh, personalized Hank items!!! I never would've thought to look for Hank items on Etsy. I've looked extensively there for Garden Gnome stuff, but I wouldn't have thought about this. That camera strap is pretty kewl. I really should get one...I will be taking my camera to the Rangers/Blues game in January.

Hey, do any of you folks who have gone to NHL games have any suggestions for the best areas of seating for goalie viewing? I mean, I'm going to watch the game as a whole, of course! But since I don't get to see many games (this is my first), and this might be the only opportunity to see Hank, I want to optimize my views.

I was thinking...down sort of low (I'm willing to pay at least $100 per seat) and maybe in the area behind the benches? And at the end where Hank will be 2 of the 3 periods. Because even the other period, Halak will be in goal for St. Louis, probably, and I dig him too, so I will be goalie viewing the whole game. But more toward the center of ice so that I can see Hank more at an angle rather than right at his side. Front angle might be a better view... I know he's going to be all masked up, but still, I want to be able to see the guy as much as possible. Then behind the benches I can see them coming off the ice between periods...and see other players as they leave and come to the bench...I don't know. It will depend of course on what is available. St. Louis still doesn't have single game seats available that not unusual? I thought they'd be on sale by now...

Or maybe I should be behind the Rangers bench, just in case Hank doesn't play! Oh my, that would be disappointing, but possible...

christine said...

I don't know where to get my tickets for the Minnesota game either! I want prime Henrik watching seats. I don't know what side the benches are on or where the visiting team sits. I also don't know what side Henrik will be on first. There's so much up in the air! LOL

Carol (I Love Goalies! Blog) said...

I believe it was on the St. Louis Blues site where it told me what end of the ice the Blues would be defending 2 of the 3 periods. Then it also pointed out where the benches were (and which bench was home) and where the locker rooms and everything else were. I think it was on their ticket site anyway...maybe the Wild's site has that as well.

I'll have to check again to make sure though, because I forget.

I really like the Wild's goalies' masks (Backstrom and Harding.)So that's a plus for ya. ;o) Although they'll probably have changed them this season...

Trish said...

I think all NHL tickets go on sale at the same time, and I got my Rangers' home tickets in early to mid-September last year, I think.

And I think (hope, for your sake) that MSG has some of the most expensive tickets, because there, at least, $100 isn't going to get you anywhere near prime Henrik viewing area! But St. Louis and MSP aren't NYC, so that could get you a good seat there.

I don't have the $$ to get super close at the MSG games I go to, but I always try to get behind-ish the goal he's in twice. Yeah, that gets you a view of his giant, padded, hockey-pants-ed butt most of the time, but unless you guys can get super close to ice level or the locker room hallway, you're not going to see much of his face anyway once the game starts. And if he does take his mask off during the game, usually it's to turn around and get his water bottle on top of the net anyway, so being behind him works for that. Plus the hockey dork in me actually likes to see the plays develop, which I think works best from the end of the rink anyway :p

But... That said, if anyone else out there gets closer and snags some good pictures, do share!

Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

Thanks for the advice, Trish! I went to the Blues site, and tickets are on sale now! They must've just gone on sale in the past couple days!

I started the process of seeing what tickets are available, and I had gotten as far as starting to place my order, but chickened out. I'm going to go in again and see if I get the same choice of seats. On their site, you just put in your price, and how many you want and then they'll tell you what seats you can have. It's not like you can go to a chart and say, "Are these available?" So I don't know what's really available. But I tried to in put my price twice and they gave me the same section, so I guess that's my only choice.

The Rangers game is considered a "platinum" level game, not the most expensive (that's gold), but the 2nd most expensive. So I can get tickets for $86+handling (total of $96) and be the "plaza" level, which is not ice level, but the one above it.

But they aren't giving me the choice of behind the goal, so I'm assuming those were taken by season ticket holders. The section they are offering is off to the left of the goal, at an angle. I think it would be the team benches side. I just wonder how easy it would be to see the whole ice...maybe up higher would be better...I don't know. I hate to spend almost $300 (getting 3 tickets) and have them suck. If I thought they were going to suck, I'd just try for cheap seats.

I'm getting nervous about ordering tickets now...grr. If I go back and they offer the same section again, then I guess I'll go ahead and buy them. I won't know until I try. I just wish you could have an actual photo view of the ice from the seats. They do that at the Rams football can actually see what the field looks like from the seats.

Carol said...

Well, I went ahead and ordered our tickets for the Blues/Rangers game. I got the tickets in the Plaza level, a few rows above the glass seats. And it will be off to the side of the goalies, but toward the center of the ice a few sections.

We shall see what kind of seats they are when we get there, I guess. I'll know for future reference anyway.

christine said...

I emailed Minnesota Wild to find out where the visitor goalie would be the most. I'm pathetic! LOL

Carol said...

Haha!! I'm sure they've had much crazier questions!! And if it's a woman who receives your inquiry, then I'm sure she'll be like, "Oh, I know why she's asking that!"

The Blues site was nice and told me. ;o)

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