Henrik Autographed Hockey Stick Up For Winning

Thursday, August 26, 2010

From the New York Rangers facebook page:

Are you a Rangers expert? Want to win a Henrik Lundqvist signed stick? Play NYR trivia & prove it! Text PLAY to 726437 on your mobile phone for this week's questions. We’re giving out great NYR prizes each week with one monthly grand prize, each correct answer enters you to win. Weekly winners receive a Rangers gift bag. Each month one lucky winner will be selected – September's lucky winner will receive a Henrik Lundqvist autographed stick. Visit newyorkrangers.com for more info

They don't say if it's a game used stick or not. I'd love to win a game used stick! Does Hank use a new stick every game? Or just if one breaks? Do any of his goalie hockey sticks break?

And Jessica Silverstein you have the best comment on that photo!
From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist


Trish said...

He probably uses new ones pretty frequently, not just if they break.

They do break sometimes - there was one game last year (against Carolina, maybe? New Year's Eve, even? I think I recall a post-game interview w/ HL about the stuff below...) and the Rangers had a goal disallowed because they said a Ranger prevented their goalie from making the save by plowing him over or something.

Later, Hank gets steamrolled right out of the net and the other team scores. Wow, was Hank pissed. He smacked his own stick against the goal, and it broke. So he went to the bench to get a new one, and on the way back to the net, he lets the ref have it. As in, if you can read lips at all, you know he was using the kind of words you don't want small children hearing. They did end up disallowing the goal - but I don't know how much scary, screaming Hank actually had to do with it :)

And wow. Lots of rambling to say yes, sticks do break. Sometimes because he breaks them!

christine said...

Wow. I need to find a clip of that on youtube or something. I bet Henrik would be terrifying angry. He's so competitive and focused no matter how slick and suave he's dressed, that tough male "I can kick your ass" still shines through!

Carol said...

Yeah, I'm almost positive that I remember seeing a game where Henrik's stick broke. Was it in the Olympics or a Rangers game...don't remember. But anyway, his stick broke, and I thought that one of his teammates gave him their stick. Or wait...can they do that? I thought that's the way I remembered it, but now that I write it out, I'm afraid that's going to sound all wrong. But I thought I remembered that...oh the brain's going. Maybe I dreamed it all...but I do know that Henrik's stick broke. Now I'm the one rambling...

Trish said...

Carol, yes, if the goalie's stick is broken or he loses it and it gets pushed too far to get it back, sometimes another player will give the goalie their regular stick, just so they have something. But, what a lot of people don't know is that a goalie is the only player who can still play with a broken stick (at least until the next whistle). Skaters have to drop their broken sticks immediately or else they get a penalty, so a lot of people assume it's the same for goalies, but it's not. So you probably are remembering correctly, don't worry!

And I found video from the game where HL had a bit of a meltdown. And I also realized why I remembered it so well - it WAS New Year's Eve, which meant I was in NY at my parents' for the holidays, and they get MSG in their cable package. (Yay for every Rangers game on TV!) So on the MSG feed, obviously their cameras were focused on Hank smashing his stick and yelling, which is what I remember seeing. But all the highlight clips out there are from the Carolina side, so you can see their players complaining, not Hank having a fit :( But here it is anyway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHLBer3zkjI

And here's the MSG interview from after, when they asked him about what he was screaming at the refs :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S78JnFXrK8k

Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

Now that you mention it, Trish, it actually might have been that he just lost his stick. He either lost it or it broke, and someone else gave him their stick. It seems like it was pretty messy though, and there might've even been a goal scored, because I was thinking if that other player had had his stick too, the goal might not have been scored.

Thanks for clearing up the rules on that. I think I had read that the other players can't play with a broken stick, but I didn't know that goalies can.

That's a great interview with Henrik...he acts so casual and really cute in it. Thanks!

christine said...

Thanks for those video links Trish. The 1st video showed the 'goal' but not Henrik's skating to center ice or screaming at the ref.

The 2nd video showed a Hank I hadn't seen before in interviews - a flirty Hank! Did you see his look when the guy asked him what he was screaming and Hank laughed, tucked his head down, gave him the eyes through the eyelashes look, brought his head up with pursed lips and flirty eyes? I imagine that was Hank's way of getting out of trouble throughout the years. Who can resist that flirty look? It must be an automatic reaction because I can't believe he dosed the male interviewer with it! Thank god it wasn't a female. She'd be on the floor in a dead faint. Henrik could conquer the world with that look!

Carol (I Love Goalies Blog) said...

Yeah, I couldn't think of a way to describe it, so I just said cute. But it was almost playful even. It was very pleasant indeed...I would've been passed out on the floor.

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