Henrik Lundqvist's Goalie Mask Design for 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today Dave Art revealed the design he did for Henrik's 2010 goalie mask. Did you know Dave did all of Henrik's masks in Sweden too? Apparently he's Swedish.

According to a lot of the forums, many fans don't like the mask. Dave said it had the lightning that Henrik always has, the bold and sharp design that Henrik also likes. He used the statue of liberty on one side again and a new King Henrik design on the other with a crown and Henrik's number 30 on the inside.

I want to know where his tribute to Sweden is. He always has a Swedish flag or the three crowns, but I can't see them anywhere. I'm also a bit surprised by the crown with the 30 in it. I thought Henrik didn't like the King Henrik nickname?

I do really like the statue of liberty though. What design makes you think of New York immediately? The statue of liberty. You can't put the stock exchange on there, the fashion district, etc. It's the statue of liberty. So I like it. I like Henrik's choice of bold designs too. I am a bit tired of the lightning on every mask though. Perhaps next year he'll have a tornado for the NY tornado? LOL


Trish said...

The 30 crown probably is the Sweden tribute - one instead of 3, yes, but still part of the Tre Kronor. I think he's also done Swedish crowns and/or flag on the back panel in the past, so there could be more there.

I just think it's funny either way that both the Swedish goalie and the Canadian goalie have all sorts of American whatnot plastered all over their heads - Biron even more so, because his mask has a big fat American flag on one side. Obviously it's because it's NY's team and red, white, and blue, but it still strikes me as funny. The American-ness made more sense when it was Richter in net.

Lightning... Subliminal message from HL asking to be traded to a team that's won the cup in the last decade? An homage to Tortorella's cup win with TB to keep the coach happy? Just the fact that he sizzles on and off the ice? lol :)

Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

Hmmm...definitely not my favorite mask of Henrik's. The Statue of Liberty side is fine, but the 30 in the crown...I'm not liking. For one, as soon as I saw it I thought it said, "3D" and I was like WTF? Then I figured it out.

I guess the crown could be part of the Swedish thing...3 crowns usually (Tre Kronor), but just the one here. I would think maybe the crown was meant more for that purpose more than King Henrik, but I might be totally wrong. I would just be surprised if he wanted King Henrik represented when he almost seems embarrassed by that nickname.

CR9 said...

lol, I thought it was 3D at first also! Dont like that part either.

Do like the statue of liberty.

Anonymous said...

Yup - it lacks creativity......

Before he had 3 smaller crowns on the side with the Sweedish Flag crossed with the American. They were yellow if i remember correctly.

Those ones were cool - This one Meeh

Trish said...


Swedish flag on the back

Jojo said...

I thought it said 3D too! I was like, damn, homeboy REALLY liked Avatar haha

christine said...

LMAO Now you know someone is going to have to turn Henrik into an avatar!

Anonymous said...

I actually designed the icon for Henrik and it is a tribute to the Tre Kronor. 3 bands of colour representing the 3 crowns and also a subtle shout to King Henrik. It also plays off the NYR statue of liberty crown points. We went through multiple design options with him and landed on this one as his final.

Anonymous said...

the statue does not belong on a NY team uniform. it should belong on a NJ team helmet/uniform. seeing as the statue is on NJ soil. and NOT NY. it's highly insulting to the people of NJ.

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