Henrik Lundqvist's Tender Groin Keeping Him From Training Camp

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist pictureHenrik missed the first day of NY Rangers training camp due to a "tender groin" as reported by the Rangers beat writers.

A moment of silence for Henrik's "tender groin".

Ok, now you can snicker and wonder how in the heck did Henrik hurt his groin and when. Henrik was at every day of the informal training camp with no physical problems. Then came the NHL media days and he was walking around fine from what I could tell from the videos (and no I did not stare at his crotch region) so the injury must have happened after the media days on film and before training camp.

Did Therese listen to Henrik's radio interview with Boomer and Carton and hear one of them mention a photo of Henrik with a hooker? (It's not a hooker BTW it's Victoria a fellow Swede.) Did Therese watch the NHL store interview where Henrik answered 'it happens' to getting distracted by hot chicks in the stands? Those are the only reasons I can think of for Henrik getting kneed in the crotch! Which is one theory I have as to what happened.

Another theory is that they were doing some pre training camp celebrating that did not go well. Henrik, you know the backseat of the Maserati is not big enough!

Henrik lundqvist goalie gearCan you just imagine how embarrassed Henrik had to be when he had to report to the staff doc that his groin was tender? And how did they determine it was too tender to get on ice? I can just imagine Henrik on the exam table in his underwear with Rangers staff standing around discussing how tender his groin is. I bet Henrik wanted to hide. And then the news goes out on Twitter via the Rangers writers, picked up by news sites, and now I devoted an entire post to his tender groin. Poor Henrik. I'm pretty sure Henrik hates the internet.

And I'm sure he had, at some point, to have explained what happened to cause the tender groin.

Doc: What happened? You were fine a few days ago.
Henrik: Well, uh...
Doc: Dammit Henrik, did you go off and do your pre training camp celebrating again?
Henrik: It's a routine I have, I couldn't break the routine!
Doc: I told you no Kama Sutra during the season! I'm going to have to confiscate that book from you again. Now, where to hide it from Dubi's virgin eyes...



CR9 said...

Dubi's virgin eyes! LMAO!

These pictures are tremendously tremendous! Love it!

Carol (I Love Goalies! Blog) said...

That is a phrase I don't know if I could say out loud to a man except my husband..."tender groin." Embarassing. I know athletes talk about their groins all the time, so I'm sure it's nothing for them. Just us. ;o)

I'm pretty sure I remember he mentioned he had groin issues last season, so I wonder if the bit of training he did before camp reaggravated it.

christine said...

Oh that's right, he did have groin issues last year. And with all the squatting he has to do in front of the net, that's probably a place that can get pulled or damaged pretty easily.

CR9 said...

A bit concerned about Hankie's groin also.

I know it's only a minor injury for Hank, but groin injuries often linger and worsen.

Trish said...

I doubt HL (or any hockey player) is embarrassed by having to go to the trainer for a pulled groin. Having it described as 'tender' to the national media on the other hand... ;)

And CR9 is totally right, groin pulls can be a big deal - when you're skater you have no leverage for pushing off in your stride and when you're a goalie, every save you make can basically stretch out and already overextended muscle/ligament/whatever. But I assume the Ranger staff knows what they're doing in letting him play only one day after having a 'tender groin'.

Oh, and point for the Dubi's virgin eyes - he does look like an overgrown 12 year old.

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