New York Tornado Passes Henrik By

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, hopefully it did. I don't actually know where Henrik was today (shocking I know) but I'm hoping he was at home eating spaghetti watching the tornado from his penthouse view and far away from any damage.
Tornado in Brooklyn?
The view over Brooklyn. I can imagine Henrik was a bit surprised. Do they get tornadoes in Sweden? This may be the first time he's ever seen the green sky, hail and rotating wall clouds. A common occurrence for us in the Midwest's Tornado Alley, but in New York City?!? That is some crazy weather.

Here's another photo being passed around, but it looks photoshopped. That's not a tornado that's a rain core. The curved clouds stacked up are the edge of a thunderstorm cloud nicknamed 'the mothership' because of how it looks like a huge ship.

Enough weather trivia, I hope all the NY Rangers players and fans are ok and didn't get anymore damage than tree limbs down and hail dents.

From Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik hanging out on his penthouse balcony on a nicer day.


Trish said...

Meh, I'm a science dork and all this 'Tornado in NY' is kind of bugging me. Yes, there can be tornadoes in the NE, but wind + rain does not necessarily = tornado, and that's what everyone and their mother is claiming in comments on news stories and youtube, etc.. But I've yet to see any pictures/videos/verified meteorological reports of rotating winds or tornado touchdown. Do people think regular thunderstorms don't cause damage/hail/green skies? 'Cause they do... and without a 'finger of god'. There was a tornado warning, yes, but that no longer means there's been one sighted - it's now based on radar and the presence of storm rotation that could lead to a tornado. So in the absence of real (video/photo) evidence showing a touchdown, meteorology-types will have to determine from the damage if it was straight-line or rotating winds. (Even if they find some tornado evidence, it still would have been restricted to a small area, and not everyone crying Tornado in NY will be correct about what they themselves witnessed...)

But I digress. Sorry for mad scientist rant. As long as HL didn't get whisked away to Oz right before training camp starts, it's all good :) Although given his fashion interest, maybe he'd like red sparkly shoes to wear for a while :p

Either way, only a week-ish until preseason games! We've been deprived so long! Hockey is almost back! :D

Oh, and 2nd picture is 100% photoshopped - it's on photo-manipulation streams on Flickr stating it's created in Photoshop over a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Random Thought:

I was thinking when I was looking at the pictures of Henrik.....Just Thought I'd Love to see Henrik's and Joel's baby pictures....

CoffeeMonster said...

It was just a really bad, unexpected thunderstorm (was suppose to bypass NY and go through New Jersey, if I had read the weather/news report correctly).

I guess part of the reason everyone out here thinks it was a tornado, is the fact that a majority of us New Yorkers have never experienced a real one. And since a warning was issued, many just assumed it means "there was/ there is" a tornado, not "theres a chance" of a tornado. People were just overreacting.

Trish said...

There's a tweet out there about Lundqvist's 'tender groin' (he didn't skate today).

Sounds dirty, lol :)

Anonymous said...

Mats Sundin helps Canadian bear researchers in Sweden

CR9 said...

Looks ominous! Yikes!

CoffeeMonster said...

..and apparently it was confirmed there were two tornadoes and a macroburst in NY.

Hmm, really didn't seem like it, but they were listed on the weak end of the scale.

Anonymous said...

the picutre with the statue of liberty is completely photoshopped. follow this link and here's the picture it came from.

John said...

Actually, that's a shot of a wall cloud Photoshopped into the Statue of Liberty shot. It's a photo by storm chaser Mike Hollingshead, from Nebraska. It's on his site at , scroll down toward the bottom of the page. His photos get stolen and passed around in emails quite often, but never captioned correctly. Some of his photos were emailed as being shots of Hurricane Katrina a while back.

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