Henrik at John Varvatos Party

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In past interviews, I believe it was the Gilt Man interview, Henrik has said that he loves John Varvatos brand as they have great jackets. So it's no surprise that Henrik was invited and showed up to the 10th anniversary party.
henrik lundqvist john varvatos party
Look at him! I love that leather jacket. Doesnt' he look so good? He's just killing me here! I swear the Bond franchise needs to hire Henrik. Damn, he looks good in anything.

henrik lundqvist john varvatos
And here's a closeup of his blue/gray eyes and that beautiful jacket! He definitely needs a motorcycle with that jacket. OMG he's gorgeous!


Trish said...

Other people have said it before, but I think it's cool that he wears clothes repeatedly - wasn't that jacket what he was wearing for that picture with the random girl in Sweden?

And glimpses of 'Henrik-in-the-media' to come: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=537444

Anyone else have a hard time picturing Ryan Miller being photographer/in charge at a photoshoot of his peers, in Vanity Fair, no less? To be a fly on the wall for that... 'Stamkos, give me some more pout. Lundqvist, more intensity! Give me sex appeal, boys!' Hahaha...

Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

Yes, Trish! I thought it was the same jacket as well. And I'm the one that tends to drone on about how I like that he wears clothes numerous times. Makes him seem more like us. ;o)

I actually read an article about Ryan Miller in last season's Hockey News Goalie Issue, and it discussed his photography. He has photographs hanging up in the courthouse somewhere near/in Buffalo. I dig Ryan. He just doesn't flip my trigger like José and Henrik.

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