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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

henrik lundqvist photos
The winner of the best question for Hank got an autographed hockey stick! Lucky girl.

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

Henrik's best feelings during a game.

What Henrik thinks of the nickname King Henrik. At the end he says he doesn't use it himself....all the time. LOL

Henrik arriving at the store through the whole interview. Does it sound like he might have a slight cold? Lots of questions and answers in this one. Henrik didn't say no to having his own clothing line at some time. First 10 days of his summer he went to Miami to try to forget but the last game and not making the playoffs really bothered him for a long time. As to the question if a sign or a pretty girl catches his eye in the stands - Henrik says it happens with a smile and laugh! :)

He eats pasta for a pre game meal. 3-4 times a week pasta with sauce and meat. He's been in his kitchen maybe 5 times in teh 8 years he's lived there! Therese cooked a lot when they were back in Sweden, but since they came over it's so easy to go out or order in, and he's lazy so not too much cooking going on.

Pre game ritual is pre game skate, sleep for 2 hours and listen to music, then get ready and go to the rink around 4:30. He's got his routines. Some things he has to do otherwise they will lose. He didn't share any of them, probably so as not to jinx his routines. LOL


Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

Those radio guys asked him about "King" Henrik also...and I got the vibe from the audio that he doesn't really care for it all that much. I think it must make him feel weird. Maybe it's not that he doesn't like it...just feels odd. But then they took it a step further and said something about his girlfriend calling him that in bed or something. He laughed uncomfortably. Poor guy.

christine said...

It was really bad - they asked if he made his girlfriend call him King in bed. And then one of them started calling out "oh king! oh king! oh king!" so yeah, I was uncomfortable and embarrassed for Henrik! Anything for ratings though I guess.

CoffeeMonster said...

They asked him my question. :)

I was question #2 with the Twitter ones, "what's the most memorable or strangest thing a fan has ever done for you?"

I wish he had a story to tell, but he didn't. And I kinda hoping they'd say "And here's a question from 'ToasterMuffin' on Twitter", I wanted to see if he'd make a face or something when he heard my username but I guess I'll never know. Still, it was cool they picked mine.

christine said...

You are so lucky they asked your question! That was a good question too. I was disappointed by his nonanswer too. I was hoping he'd say he ran across some blog of him that scared him. LOL My twitter question didn't get asked. :( I asked if he'd ever gone cow tipping. LOL

Trish said...

Haha, I think he did have a story to tell but just chose not too. The look on his face made me think that he knew immediately what he would say, but then maybe it was too ridiculous for him to want to talk about :)

I don't know about memorable, but strange things have to happen to a guy who is that good at hockey AND that good-looking. I mean there were some pretty wacky kids/people in the window of the store behind him, and this was what, a 30 minute interview? Add up 5 years in NYC, and he must have run into some strange fan situations!

Anonymous said...

Trish - Ditto! Totally Agree with you.

He had tha smile on his face like he's hiding something.

Oh and don't forgret Frolunda! They have plenty of crazy fans in Sweden, When he played.

Fans Love him in Sweden. And In other places too...Lol

christine said...

I'm pretty sure he's got some 'naked woman surprised him in the locker room' story or 'naked chick behind team bus offering me bj' stories. We need to get him drunk one night and get all these stories out of him!

Carol said...

He is always very cautious about his answers. You can tell he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. He doesn't want to say he likes any teammate better than another or anything like that. He's a really considerate guy. The media does not get any tidbits from him to use against him...good for him.

I loved the "It happens" comment. Guys are guys, no matter what. They can't miss a pretty face. ;o)

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