Video Interview with Henrik from MSG

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here's the MSG interview with Henrik that was shown tonight if you were lucky enough to be in the MSG area. Henrik is wearing some exceedingly white tennis shoes. I didn't know that he actually owned tennis/running shoes! From pausing the 1st second I can see that they're white high tops of some unidentifiable brand. I love listening to him talk.

I can't believe he said he's not going to change anything because he's 28, as if that is so old! Henrik!


Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

That looks like the same shirt he was wearing at the U.S. Open, doesn't it? Maybe this was taped the same day...great interview. His hair looks lighter...must've been all the sun he got this summer. And those tennies were definitely white! Maybe that's also what you are supposed to wear to the U.S. Open...

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear his voice......( I'm not a freak i swear, Lol)

Where is everybody?

Well anyway, saw the vid,loved it! I like the way they set up the room with jerseys in the background....Nice touch!

Also watched Avery and Frolov....Good Interview Also. Avery was asked if he was gonna change his game...."I'm gonna return to the Old Avery....So You Guys will have your hads full out there..."

In my mind i went Oh Crap! Torts will prob Not Like That At all.... New york Ranger's fans already felt the "Avery Effect" A little while ago....Rangers will be making headlines with that one.

But hopefully the season will start well.... And we can get closer to winning the SC.

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