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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

henrik lundqvist twitter
From Recently Updated
He doesn't have one. :( We've all probably known it for awhile, but it was confirmed today by one of the NY Rangers beat writers. Apparently someone snapped up the @henriklundqvist twitter account last year and is pretending to be Henrik. Very lame tweets. Obviously not him.

Plus he's said in at least 2 interviews that he doesn't have a twitter, it's not for him. He doesn't even really email! He goes on the internet to read the news (Swedish) and that's pretty much it.
henrik lundqvist twitter
From Recently Updated

It would be completely awesome if did do twitter and sent us photos of his closet, his cars, him watching tv, whatever. But no... :( And now I bet NO ONE he knows dares take a photo and tweet it after the Voros Memorial Weekend. Thanks a bunch Voros.

Now, if you run across a twitter account called @fakehenrik, well that's this blog! You can follow it to get notified when a new blog post is made. I need to make a twitter background for it, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

henrik lundqvist twitter
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No idea who made these Henrik Lundqvist banners, but they're awesome. I found them on tumbler. Whomever made them, let me know and I'll drop a link to your site.


Carol (F$#% Yeah José Théodore) said...

I had seen the top one on tumblr before, but not the other two. Very, very nice. There are a lot of hot hockey boys on tumblr. My F#$%YeahJoséThéodore site is all about photos and hotness, whereas my blog is the one I try to keep more "informational." ;o)

There is some twitter account out there that's @JoseTheodore, but it's not him. It's just somebody making lame posts. I don't get it.

christine said...

OMFG I love your tumbler Jose site! Meowza! Do you do the fuckyeahhenriklundqvist one too? Nice photos on that one.

I have a fake robert pattinson twitter account called fakerpattz. I started it up 2 years ago just to make fun of the guy. It so obvious that it's fake and not him but you would not believe the amount of people that think it's real! And I have some people on this blog that email thinking it's really Henrik. I swear.

Carol said...

Thanks very much! It's fun sometimes to post photos just for the hot factor. ;o)

That latest photo I posted of José is just pure sexxx. I just happened upon that one on Monday from an old Washington Post article online. It was a nice find.

I don't do the Henrik tumblr, but I've definitely seen it. Seeing all the Fuck Yeah pages out there made me decide to do José's. I thought if all those other guys get one, then Theo deserves one too! ;o)

CR9 said...

Thanks for alerting me to the tumblrs!

I just love to look at adorably gorgeous guys! The top pic on this post is unbelievable, with the left side of his face blacked out.

What I wouldnt pay to look like Henrik! OMFG!

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