Henrik Lundqvist at NHL Player Media Tour

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

henrik lundqvist nhl commercial
Photo of Henrik behind the scenes from @thenyrangers. What an odd juxtaposition of the huge hockey jersey and slim pants and dress shoes!

Henrik was one of the few, 20 players, to get selected for the NHL media tour held in New York. As a matter of fact, Henrik could see his balcony from where they were!

"I can see my balcony," Lundqvist told NHL.com Tuesday morning from the penthouse floor inside the swanky Hudson Hotel on West 58th Street. "So it's easy for me to get here."

Physically speaking, yes, it was easy for the New York Rangers goalie to get to the host hotel for the 2010 NHL Player Media Tour, but in reality making it to the unofficial kickoff event to the NHL season requires years of hard work and good fortune.
henrik lundqvist nhl commercial
Photo of Henrik during commercials? Photo from @thenyrangers.

The players have two days to knock out a slew of responsibilities. Those promotional ads you see on the NHL Network? They're shot right here, right now. NHL.com is interviewing all the players here for stories now and in the future. The NHLPA also is here doing stuff for its Web site.

Versus, NBC, CBC, TSN and ESPN America (the League's European broadcast partner) are here doing interviews, promo shots, commercials, etc.

I'm so glad Lundqvist was picked! Now we'll get new commercials and photo shoots! The part that kills me though is this:
Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, an amateur photographer in his spare time, is taking Stamkos, Lundqvist, Doughty, Bergeron and Mike Cammalleri out Wednesday for his own photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

LOL Is he going to have them make a pyramid? Streak through Central Park? Wear their hockey gear while doing normal mundane things around the city? I'd like to see Henrik in full goalie gear getting a hot dog from a sidewalk vendor. What a bizarre photo that would make.

"I think it's fun," Lundqvist said. "It's fun to meet people, fun to do stuff. I definitely don't mind going out and meeting fans. We have a few events during the year with the Rangers, like casino nights, and I always enjoy that."

Henrik will be at the NHL tomorrow on Wednesday at noon EST. Don't forget! If you can't make it you can tweet questions from 11-12 for them to ask Hank. I'll have to ask if Hank has done any of the 10 Things. I'm pretty sure he's never gone cow tipping!

Lundqvist and Evgeni Malkin went to the U.S. Open Final in Queens, but Lundqvist said he left when it started raining and went right to Yankee Stadium to catch the concert.

I hope Henrik is enjoying his time in the limelight. I know I'll be enjoying his commercials and photos when they come out!


Trish said...

"I'd like to see Henrik in full goalie gear getting a hot dog from a sidewalk vendor."

Haha... That's kind of what the Vogue thing looked like anyway - like he was just wandering the streets of NY in full gear and stumbled upon a bunch of skinny models in a photo shoot. Doing everyday stuff in full gear actually would make kind of an awesome photo spread :)

Did you see the video on nhl.com about HL's hair? :D

christine said...

No I didn't see that video! I have now posted it on it's own post. The secret to his hair needs it's own post!

How about riding the subway with full gear on even the mask? That would be an awesome one. Better yet it would be an awesome commercial! Hank on the subway on the way to his job.

Trish said...

Hailing a cab or getting groceries in full gear! Winner. Or dropping off drycleaning :)

Although I guess those would make more sense for a Ranger photo shoot, not a generic NHL people one, if they're doing it in NY. Someone get the Rangers on that for this season! Actually reminds me of an old NHL commercial, with maybe Markus Naslund and someone else - the puck went out of play in a game, and they just climbed the glass and ran around the rink and the city (including in a cab) to fight each other for the puck...

But I digress. Either way, I really do think that'd be a cool ad campaign or something for the Rangers.

christine said...

I think we need to let the Rangers marketing/PR team know about our ideas! Maybe they'd give us free tickets to a game if they used our ideas. Or we'd get to meet Henrik.

I'd like to see Henrik in goalie gear shopping in the fruits/vegetable section and Ovechkin walks around the corner and accidentally rams his cart into Henrik's. Rangers come flying out of the woodwork and give Ovechkin a beat down! LOL Goofy and retarded but I'd like it.

Trish said...

Yes, must inform Rangers marketing of sweet idea for ad campaign :) Also reminds me of these oldies but goodies (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO1J9gaeopc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWohKJmSG5E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwvxYjRcYU8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsQchEt8fqY) although this Rangers idea would be MUCH better ;)

Carol (I Love Goalies! Blog) said...

Oh, making NHL commercials. Very exciting. Makes me think how close the season is to starting!! Since my Cowboys totally sucked up the first week of the NFL season, I'm looking forward to the NHL season even more. F#$@ %$&!

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