Saturday, September 25, 2010

happy henrik lundqvist day
Henrik starts in the net tonight and plays the entire game! YEAH HANK IS BACK!

Catch Henrik in all his puck stopping Viking hockey goalie god glory at 7:00pm EST on MSG+ in HD! HD because they knew Henrik would be in front of the net and had to broadcast his handsome visage in HD. Here's the streaming game but it's a Devils feed.
henrik lundqvist Hockey
Henrik praying to the Viking hockey gods that Crosby is struck dead so Hank doensn't have to put up with his diving this season.

Oh yeah, they're playing the NJ Devils. Soon to be the dead Devils from not being able to score one shot. :) HANK IS BACK

Can you tell I'm excited?

Henrik goalie mask
Henrik getting ready to decimate the Devils.

henrik lundqvist smack a bitch up
Henrik knows how to smack a bitch up. Don't dive. He'll beat you.


CR9 said...

lol. Hankie Pankie! i hope our guys defend Hankie more this year and knock Henrik drivers/attackers out!

Trish said...

Hee, the last picture :) HL to Criesby/Big fat Brodeur: "Imma cut you, bitch." Although the white clown gloves kind of take away from the effect...

christine said...

Why does he wear white gloves under his hockey gloves? Does anyone else do that?

Anonymous said...

It's European thing.LOL

Goalies wear them on their "glove hand" or whatever. Now he just tapes it up.

Sometimes you can see the red tape on his fingers during post game interviews.

Tonite should be a good game....

CR9 said...

He wears white gloves under his hockey gloves because he's so awesome and gorgeous!

Dont know if anyone else does. Didnt even know Henrik did, but thanks to the great Christine, now i do! :)

Trish said...

I'm not sure about the gloves. Don't know the reasoning. I've never noticed other goalies wearing them either, but then again, I can't say I check out every goalie's hands every game. But re: Anon's comment, yes, he tapes his fingers, but I'm pretty sure I've seen him with the gloves recently (last season) too, as in gloves over the tape.

Also, if MSG had had thought bubbles over HL's head in that game: 1) What the !@#& is my defense doing? and 2) Where the !@#& was all this scoring last year?

Poor guy. I hope for his sake the scoring stays up but the defense steps it up too. I swear its like they were trying to have the Devils take shots...

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