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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Henrik welcomes you to the blog! LOL I just love this photo. So cute!

From here we've got some quotes from Henrik at practice this morning.

“I don’t look back too much,” said Lundqvist. “It’s more important to look ahead and be on the right side of things. But I do know that we have to be more consistent than we were last season. We played some really good hockey last year, but we were not nearly consistent enough.” He was happy to hear of the club’s signing of veteran goalie Martin Biron back on July 1.

“It was a really good move,” said Lundqvist, who won 35 games last season while posting a 2.38 goals against average and a .921 save percentage. “I don’t think for a regular season that 72 games is too much, but if you want to play into June, it is too much. And that should always be our goal, to go deep into the playoffs and play into June.”

And this quote from @stevezipay

Lundqvist on his early arrival: "I'm a slow starter...other guys, It doesn't matter, long as you're ready. No excuses for not being ready."

Now on to more photos!

This guy just cannot take a bad photo! Doesn't he look good?

LOL I can't just hear a New York accent with a Swedish accent saying "How YOU Doin'?".

This Vanna White photo is my absolute favorite! Henrik looks like he's about to crack up.

The Rangers Tribune got an interview with video with Henrik.
Nick Montemagno: What are your expectations for the season this year and are you looking forward to it yet?

Henrik Lundqvist: Ah, my expectations. Well I am happy to be back and all of the guys are excited to be back. I can't wait to start camp and get going. I guess we will see how it [the season] goes.

NM: How have the informal pre-camp skates been going?

HL: Very great. They are a lot of fun.

NM: I heard Zuccarello-Aasen had a slick goal on you this morning. (Referring to a nifty goal scored at yesterday's skate)

HL: (Laughing) Oh yeah, he is really good.

If you want to see 13 pages of photos from the event, go to Rob Loud Photos. And that's 13 pages of thumbnail photos! Here's my favorites:

I wish he'd taken his sunglasses off for at least some of the photos. But the amazing thing about this photo (other than he's happy to have his own bus or is that an iphone in his pocket?) is how small he is! He is so much bigger than life in the net but compared to the guy next to him and the girl, he's really not the big goalie I thought he was. He's not exceptionally tall or wide. I just thought with all those amazing saves, his larger than life presence he was a big guy in life. Huh. He's still amazing and gorgeous!

Again, Henrik is adorable and awesome!

Henrik is waiting for you to ride him. *ahem* I mean his bus, of course.

He looks quite smug here. And in a very superhero pose! I expect lots of upcoming "Henrik threw him under the bus" jokes during NY Rangers games from here on out.


Trish said...

I've already read some of those jokes - that he now has a bus to throw teammates under... I agree that there are sure to be more during the season.

Hee. If Henrik needs someone to ride him, I'll volunteer. For the bus. Or, you know, whatever... lol.

And with pictures like that Vanna-White-style one, you have to know that despite all the interviews about how much of an honor it was, etc., that the whole time he was doing that event, there was some part of him saying to himself "A bus? Seriously? No Vezina, no Hart, but a bus? This is silly..." I mean, when kids are dreaming of being NHL stars, you know none of them are hoping to have a bus with their name and face plastered on it :p

christine said...

I know it's somewhat embarrassing to get a bus. And even worse if the bus gets in a wreck or something. "Henrik the bus took out an old lady crossing the street today". Oh poor Henrik.

Carol (José Théodore blog) said...

I just wish he hadn't been chewing gum. I can see it in some of the photos, and in the video I could see him chewing it. It just doesn't look very classy. Tsk, tsk, Henrik. ;o)

Maybe he was hungover and needed the sunglasses. ;o)

And yes, I'd noticed a while ago how he's not really a big guy. Especially in that Brothers ad when he takes off his shirt...not too broad like a lot of hockey players.

But many of the goalies I like are a little on the slight side compared to the other players on the ice. Heck, José is only 5'11" and 180lbs, so Henrik is big compared to him. And when José would be photographed next to Ovie or Mike Green, he looked like a wittle bitty guy. ;o) A lot of those other players are 6'3" or 6'4" and really bulky, so it's hard to tell. Plus with all the goalies' pads and gear, it's really hard to tell.

Guess we need to have them all strip down to their skivvies and let us really check them out so we can see...and if we were standing next to them, that would help immensely. ;o)

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