Henrik Lundqvist is a Ranger Puck Trap!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

While watching this video I realized that Henrik is a human version of the venus fly trap. He snatches pucks out of the air and bam they're gone! Therefore I have developed a new nickname for Henrik: Ranger Puck Trap. LOL

I found this video using the amazing new tool developed by a college student: Youtube Instant. It starts working even with the first letter you type in.

This thing went live and according to the story the CEO of YouTube tweeted the student if he wanted a job, kid replies back is this a for real job offer, and CEO tweets back are you ready to leave school and sends a DM with a job offer! So cool. I love stories like that.


Carol said...

Oh, that's a cool story!! I'll have to check that tool out!!

Busy week...just now getting through all your posts. You've been busy this week...yay!

Carol (José Théodore Blog) said...

Ok, I searched José on YT Instant, and the first result was a cool montage of saves when he was with Montreal. But I don't see how to share the videos. Like on regular YouTube, they give you the "share" option with a link to post. How did you get this video up here after finding it on Instant? I must be missing something...

christine said...

You need to click the youtube logo in the corner and then it will go to the youtube website and then you can grab the embed code. I hope I made sense, my brain is halo fried.

Carol said...

Oh, doh! Thanks! That worked. I'm embarrassed I didn't figure that one out on my own.

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