Henrik's Knee Problems

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

Henrik's knees. I can't see any swelling from this photo. In the interest of accurate journalism I'm going to have to take a closer look at the knees. Most definitely.

Reports have been coming out the last week as to how Henrik had knee problems during the end of the season this year. This was first reported by Swedish news which we also reported on our May 6th post of the Cafe magazine interview with Henrik Lundqvist.

How badly are you?
- Groin, I have had problems with his knee all year and started to mess the last three, four weeks. I have been taping hard and have gone on treatments all the time. I tried to rehab in order to play World Cup, but could not.

Do you worry about never for permanent disability?
- No, I do not mind that it will affect my everyday life when his career is over. But it is clear, when I'm out walking, people often wonder if I have a pain because I unconsciously limping. Then one can ask how it will look like when I'm 45 ...

From henrik lundqvist

Henrik's knees. And Joel's. Can't tell them apart in this photo.

But the knee pain is finally coming up in American blogs now with even more details.

"The inside of my knee was bothering me for the last month of the season," Lundqvist told Newsday Thursday. "The outside had bothered me before, and this time it was the inside. I had it taped and started getting other treatment right after the season. Nothing invasive, mostly rest. Now I've been skating two or three times a week without equipment."

While that comment is disconcerting, his follow-up was even more bothersome. "If it [the knee] bothers me again in mid-August. I'll get a cortisone shot." Why, after having several months off, should the knee bother him or flare-up? Is it a structural issue that can be taken of via minor surgery or a muscular issue that will continue to bother Hank going forward? The answer to this is key as given the state of our current backups, a healthy Lundqvist is tantamount.

From henrik lundqvist

Another nice view of his knee. Very nice manly knee. LOL

This is indeed very scary. The outside and inside of the knee! A few months might not get rid of the pain? And he'll continue to play through it? I'm scared for him. I don't know how he played through the pain and I sure as hell don't want him to still have pain come August or to not have pain and then immediately have it get re injured.

I wish we could slap some crutches in his hands and tell him to get off of it and ice it. But crutches are an absolute pain and I imagine he's probably as good of a patient as I am. He's so young to have pain like this. But he was bought for his body and skills (HOCKEY, get your mind out of the gutter) so he's pretty much just property that they need to keep going through the contract.

Here's hoping his knees recover well over the summer and he avoids all stairs and anything that would hurt his knees.

From Hendrick Henrik Lunquist Lundqvist Lundkist

Knees don't seem to be affecting him in this video. Nice swagger. Nice stride length. Nice hockey butt. LOL


Carol said...

I can't imagine how much strain is put on all goalie's knees. They are up and down so much. When I first started paying attention to goalies, that's one of the first things I thought. Well, I also thought, "There is NO way my knees would take that." But I'm 38. It's sad to think this might affect his career. Maybe it's a very usual thing, and it's overcome by goalies all the time. I hope. And I'd certainly hate to think he had to limp the rest of his life, or was in pain. He's probably going to have little kiddies to keep up with someday...he can't be cripping around! I'm wishing for the best for Henrik and his sexy knees.

And oh, that hockey butt. ~purr~

christine said...

I know, I just cringe looking a video of him making saves because of how much he uses his knees. Poor guy. I am willing to take one for the team and volunteer to massage those knees for him daily. Even several times a day. No charge!

Carol said...

I read in an interview somewhere recently where he was talking about how much he enjoys skiing. But he can't ski while under contract with the Rangers because of the possibility of injury. So he said that's what he's looking forward to about retirement is getting to ski again. I hope his knees are so messed up by that time that he can't ski!

And by the way...that photo of Henrik and Joel on the bikes! Wow...I would've been hard pressed to even realize that was them if I'd seen that photo somewhere else not associated with hockey. Especially if I saw only one of them looking like that. The fact I can tell they're twins would've maybe given it away. But they look so young...and different from now!! They've definitely improved with age.

christine said...

I know! I can't remember where I read that but it makes me sad for him. I want to ski again but my right knee goes off and on with pain on the inside. I know how bad that hurts and yet he still plays pro sports with the pain! OMG I hope he can ski when he's done with hockey but skiing is killer on the knees too.

I think they're cute! And you can see the knock knees. Oh yeah, very improved with age. And I agree, in some photos Joel is the better looking one. (Sorry Henrik)

Carol said...

Oops...my comment should've read
"I hope his knees AREN'T so messed up by that time that he can't ski!" The way I wrote it didn't sound very nice! And the complete opposite of what I meant! Doh!

Trish said...

When/where did that top picture come from? And where did you find it? Never seen it before...

And yes, goalie is brutal on the knees, even at 28 like Hank - I can vouch for that :(

christine said...

I was digging for more Henrik pics this weekend and I found it! I had never seen it before either. Gorgeous legs.

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