Henrik Answers Your Twitter Questions

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here's a photo of Henrik today looking at all the twitter questions posted to him through the @thenyrangers twitter account. Poor Henrik looks like he's just seen all the questions I sent. Flattered, yet terrified. I knew I should not have asked him to autograph my bra. LOL

Hopefully they'll tweet his answers soon. I'm dying for more Henrik! So sad hockey is over for the season too. What a weird last goal for the Stanley Cup. It was so dead quiet.

And here are the answers! I'm going to feel special because Henrik answered one of my questions FIRST!

I'm going to Sweden next yr. What are ur fav places? #30: Rent a boat & go N along coast to Gothenburg–visit towns & local shops

LOL I wanted to know his favorite Swedish spots and wondered if he'd say the Frolunda hockey stadium. But he gave me some great travel advice. I wonder if he's ever done that, rented a boat and gone sailing up the coast? I wonder if I could rent a viking ship with a crew? FUN


RT @mikebrust: Who pays the check when you go out to eat: you, Gaborik, Voros or Avery? #30: We all toss in our CC’s & let the waiter pick!


RT @botterpaleale: what brand are your favorite jeans? #30: Tiger of Sweden are my favorite jeans

Awww, isn't Henrik adorable!

RT @shpaddock What's on ur ipod right now? #30: Listening to an acoustic playlist w/ @countingcrows @PearlJam @foofighters @gunsnroses &more

RT @NYMetsGrrl94: Why do you wear 30? #30: Couldn't have 35 since it's retired, so I picked up 30 at my 1st camp & it stuck, I like it!

And Henrik answers another of mine! OMG I am going to proclaim myself as his favorite Twitter fan. LOL

We asked 2 for you! RT : what is your fav Swedish meal? #30: Swedish shrimp sandwich- shrimp on the W coast in Sweden is the best


#AskHenrik What’s the last movie you saw? #30: I saw @IronMan2 IMAX and liked it


Carol said...

Congrats on getting some of your questions answered!!

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