Henrik Lundqvist Twitter Backgrounds

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I can't find any Henrik twitter backgrounds for my twitter profile. So I decided to make some. The first one isn't very good, but at least it exists! I used a photo from Life magazine. Nice tan, nice eyes, nice smirk.

From Henrik Lundqvist Twitter Backgrounds

Get the full size by clicking on it.

I'm going to make some more with Henrik in his NY Rangers uniform, in his Tre Kroner jersey, etc. I'm in a cast. What else should I do? LOL


Carol said...

That's a nice one! I don't twitter, but I still like it.

A cast? What happened?

christine said...

Thanks! I plan on making more.

I've got a vitamin d deficiency and that's the only thing I can think of for me getting a stress fracture just from hiking for 2 weeks! It's right above the outside of my left ankle. What a pain!

Carol said...

Oh, ouch! Where did you go hiking?

christine said...

I was hiking in 3 different state parks. But what I think started it all was hiking on a very rocky difficult trail that was washed out in one spot. I had to jump to the other side and of course fell. Then I got completely lost when I tried to take a short cut and was so exhausted I tripped over air or a very small pile of dirt.

Neither one caused a sprained ankle or pain at all. But 2 days later when I hiked again I had pain that made my foot numb-pain above the knobby bone that sticks out in the ankle on the outside. And of course I kept hiking for the next week until I could actually no longer put any weight on my leg. I'm an idiot! I just thought it was a stupid muscle. Guess not.

So now it's summer and I'm in a cast for 6 weeks!

Anonymous said...

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