Is Henrik Lundqvist Married?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This post from talk sports forum:

he does have a wife, i am a doorman at the Link Condiminiums. He lives in the penthouse. Her maiden name is anderson but i refer to her as mrs lundqvist. today he left for a month trip to sweden to his hometown for a month.

The Link is where Henrik lives and he indeed has a penthouse. Therese last name is Andersson but are they really married or does the doorman just presume? Did they get married secretly so all the fangirls wouldn't show up screaming like in The Graduate? If this is indeed true, that Hank is no longer on the market, be prepared for wailing and gnashing of teeth the world over. I think we should all wear black to mourn the marriage of Henrik. LOL

Henrik has some hockey camps to teach soon in Gothenburg. Actually it is apparently Öckerö. And here is the camp schedule. The camps go from next week to the end of July.

I hope Henrik isn't teaching the whole time and can get out and relax and putz around Sweden. Though I'm not sure putzing is a word I'd use with Henrik. He's too highbrow to putz. Casually meander through Sweden? Leisurely travel? Who knows but I hope our contacts in Sweden run across him and snap a few pics!


Trish said...

Just me, but doesn't seem like the most credible source. Sure, maybe it is the real doorman, but it's pretty easy to make the leap to just assume that the live-in girlfriend of however many years is the wife. It doesn't make it sound like a recent change or anything either, which I'd have to believe it would be or else some sort of rumor would have already been out in the years/months since then whenever it would have happened. Plus Joel's wedding seemed like a pretty big family and publicized thing, and Henrik didn't appear to have any qualms about it because he was in it and in the pictures. I know he's a bigger name than Joel in the US, but still, would he hide it if he got married? I wouldn't think so.

Or... I'm in denial? :p

Trish said...

Errr... Maybe I stand corrected?

Wonder if they sold it to get something more family-friendly or something?

Or maybe he just sold it and has nothing to do with a marriage/lack thereof? Odd though, because I always read that he loved that place and they spent a lot of time remodeling/decorating. Hmmm.

christine said...

You're right, with how well known and popular Henrik is in Sweden there would be mention of it. There's even Swedes not sure if the guy is married or not. So let's all hope the doorman is just making presumptions! WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE LOL

christine said...

That condo he sold is not the penthouse in the Links. That was the condo they had before moving to the Links. I wonder if they kept it for visiting relatives? Mistresses? Rowdy hockey parties?

Trish said...

Ah, guess I wasn't keeping track of his address(es). Silly me.

Hmm. Hopefully it wasn't kept around for mistresses... Especially since I wasn't invited :p

Maybe he rented it to younger teammates that hadn't bought a place yet? Or the market just wasn't good? Not that he's hurting for cash, but no one wants to take a hit if they don't have to.

Carol said...

Hmmm...much to ponder. I would tend to think the doorman just assumed they were married. They have been together a long time, so it seems like they are married. I still think they will get married (if they aren't yet.) And in my mind he's always been "married." That way it will be less traumatic when it actually happens. ;o)

Very interesting about them selling the condo. I thought he loved it and they did spend a lot of time remodelling. Wonder where they are living now...

Carol said...

Oops...just saw your last comment, Christine. I see you cleared up the condo question, so ignore my comment on that.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole marrying thing is less big for swedes than for americans... In Sweden, it's very normal to get children and really settle with someone, possibly for the rest of your life, without even getting married. I don't see him as more available than a married man, since they've been together for so long and they seem to have a very settled relationship :)

For example, my sister has been together with her 'sambo' (the guy she lives with) for over ten years, they have three kids, but no plans for getting married. And that's quite common. In my eyes, being sambo for many years is almost as definite (or indefinite if you look at the amount of break ups and divorces)as being married.

christine said...

Well I had no idea. Thank you for the Swedish cultural input! I really had no idea it was the norm or very common over there. *sigh* :(

ram11273 said...

There's a pic of him from a while back where he is wearing a ring around his neck.

christine said...

I remember seeing that one. Back in 2006 I think.

Anonymous said...

Henrik Lundqvist is the most amazing goalie in the history of the NHL and I'm sooooo jealous of his WIFE!!! ahhhh!!!

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