Henrik in BIG SCANS of Cafe Magazine

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thanks to our Swedish correspondent the lovely, talented, sneaky Vivian we have GIGANTIC scans of Henrik Lundqvist in the April issue of Cafe magazine! And not only that, but some of those pictures were not released on Cafe's website and only available in the magazine!

How Vivian our Henrik spy got her hands on the magazine is hysterical and shows complete dedication! She deserves at least a back rub from Henrik for being so dedicated to the cause. Perhaps he can give one to her since I think he's back in Sweden already for the summer.

From 2010-06-16

The scans are 800 pixels wide. Big enough for you to print out and hang on your wall.

From our Henrik agent on the ground in Sweden:
I was off a bit early today ... so I decided to dash to the editorial office of Café today. Got there right at 5 and was still able to get into the office. There was no one at the reception. I thought I had to have a swipe card to get into the elevator, but it opened. Got upstairs and no one was around. Saw shelves full of Café, but they were the archive. Saw another set of shelves with all the past issues and grabbed April off a stack - and ran out of there.


From 2010-06-16

Click on image to see if Henrik has any cavities. And maybe you can see his tonsils too.

From 2010-06-16

From 2010-06-16


From 2010-06-16

NEW PHOTO. Check out Henrik's bedroom eyes. He wants to thank Vivian personally for being such a dedicated fan. LOL


Tere said...

LOL at Vivians story :D

Carol said...

Bravo, Vivian!! Bravo!! I would've been so sceered!! You're my hero!!!

Thanks soooo much!!! Love, love, love.

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