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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist answers reader's questions from 2007. Some of them are just cute especially the one about Santa!

Do you believe in Santa?
/ Emma, 4 years, in Kvänum
ANSWER: Of course I do.

How much do you bench press in?
/ Andreas Josefson
ANSWER: I took 125 kilograms in Sweden. Have not banked as much here in New York.

What was it like to party with Victoria Silvstedt?
/ Peppe
ANSWER: She was nice.

From 2010-06-16

Henrik with Victoria. I bet she was nice.

Will you be better than Foppa?
/ Linus, Kalmar
ANSWER: No, I do not think. It will be tough. But I hope to have a long and successful career.

Thought Tjejmilen run in New York in June, can I TAKE OFF THE SLAG with you then?
/ Lena in Gothenburg
ANSWER: I did not know that New York had Tjejmilen.

How difficult is actually my idol Tomas Holmstrom to meet?
/ Peter Mühlberg from Spånga
ANSWER: Homer is very difficult to meet when he parked there in front of the cage. He is broad and he is good at that Touch the puck when the shots come from abroad.

Did you think it would go so good for you when you sat on the plane to New York? You played a course set up on the team directly.
/ Daniel Jackson
ANSWER: No, I was quite unsure of where I stood when I came over to New York, but I had high hopes. I had not played in a small rink in the past. After a few weeks came the confidence back and since then it has turned out great.

What is the reason that you can play so well every match?
/ Henrik, Stockholm
ANSWER: Since I was little my strength has been my vinnarskalle. I compete for everything. Winning means a lot to me and I have learned to focus on the task.

You recently met Joel and Loui both when they unfortunately lost in the Garden. How did it feel to see his little brother on the ice in an NHL game against you? Is there something you used to talk about when you were small? And he had a shot at you?
/ Daniel Jackson
ANSWER: I do not think we talked so much when we were little to meet in the NHL. It feels a bit unreal that it has become so, but it's great that we both have come so far. Joel had no shots on me later, but he came close to a neutral position.

Can you imagine playing for Frölunda again before putting the skates on the shelf?
/ Daniel
ANSWER: There is no impossibility. Frölunda has always been the team I have been doing, but right now it's NHL career will apply. The case that I still have motivation and that I may be healthy when it's time to move home.

Will you at some point in the future to come home to Frölunda?
Frölunda Supporter Andreas in Osby
ANSWER: See my previous answer.

You are originally from Jämtland, would you be willing to come back here? Or do you vacation here in Jämtland?
/ Disa
ANSWER: Of course I have strong ties to Jämtland and Åre. Last time I was there was with the Frölunda SM-gold. I will certainly go there again, especially for skiing. The problem is that the hockey season in North America doing that I am away from Sweden during the winter months.

Socialized you and Michael Nylander much as he thought of the "Blue Shirts"?
/ Danne
ANSWER: Yes, we hung out frequently and I was often at the home of Mike and his family to visit. We also spent time traveling extensively during the Rangers, so I would say that we became really good friends.

That you are one of the world's best goalkeepers, there is no doubt. However, I think you should show it in the case. The national team has shown you this, but in your club, you have failed two straight years now in the final round in which neither you nor the team has played well. Which is why, and why do you think you will do better next spring when the playoffs begin?
/ Anders Rockström, Jämjö
ANSWER: Two years ago, it was not just me who had problems with injuries during the playoffs. This spring, I think we did well even though we fell against Buffalo in the second round. But we met a really good team and were 2-2 in games and led 1-0 with seven seconds left.

How is the mood inside the locker room after both gain and loss matches?
/ Johansson
ANSWER: It is quite a big difference. Very quiet after losses and after gains rather loudly. One can see it on the bus or the plane afterwards we lost at Bramall Lane and the way it should be.

From 2010-06-16

Henrik and Joel

What do you think should be enhanced to today's Rangers are to win the Stanley Cup next spring?
/ Large-Rangers and Lundqvistfan
ANSWER: We already have a good team and could beat them all. But it is hard tipped, the series is incredibly smooth so far.

Do you think you will, if you continue to evolve as you do, to become one of the world's best goalkeepers through the ages?
/ Rangers Supporter
A: Ha, ha, I do not know. It is up to others to judge. My goal is to play as good as possible and help the team to the play-offs. To become a world goalkeeper needed the mental strength and I think I have.

Who do you think is most fun in the Rangers and who you hang out with most on the team after training / matches?
/ A large Rangersfan
ANSWER: most fun, or perhaps most odd, is probably Sean Avery. It is a bit mixed whom I socialize with, this may vary on holidays. I spend a part of the team's second goalie, Stephen Valiquette.

My daughter adores you and I wonder if you can get an idol for you to autograph? It would be her best Christmas present.
/ Richard, Malmo.
ANSWER: Send a letter to the club at this address I'll see what I can do: New York Rangers, Attn: Henrik Lundqvist, Madison Square Garden, Two Pennsylvania Plaza, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10 121, USA.

How does it feel to get a standing ovation and cries all Henry? Are you the King of the Rangers now?
/ Trotter, Stockholm
ANSWER: Of course it feels good when people appreciate what you do, it gives me energy to work on. But I am aware that it can turn quickly in this industry. Especially in New York.

Keeps you on the Yankees or Mets?
/ Olle in Kinna
ANSWER: Do the Yankees probably say although I have not been to as many baseball games. I saw a play-off game with the Yankees earlier this autumn and is becoming more and more interested in baseball.

From 2010-06-16

We each saw the last practice match before the start of series between the Rangers and the New Jersey Devils on 21 September in years. Were you still at home in Sweden on holiday then?
We missed you in the Rangers end.
/ JJ and his family.
ANSWER: No, I'm probably just rested from the match. Remember that I thought our last practice match, which was against Philadelphia.

How big is your apartment in Manhattan?
/ Sami in Gothenburg.
ANSWER: Big enough to make me happy.

Who you hang out with the team privately if you do not lirar hockey?
/ Benny
ANSWER: See previous answer.

When you and your brother lived in the grove, I was in the laundry room while the two of you and none of you knew how you would wash, I had to help you. Have you gotten better at it now?
/ Tobias
ANSWER: Yes, may I say even though I probably would have been a bit latare on that area. Here in Manhattan, leaving all his laundry into a Dry Cleaner in the neighborhood.

Just want to say that I think you are the greatest of all time and I wish you all happiness and prosperity of the Rangers. Do not question, do you think is the best only.
/ Anders Wislander
ANSWER: Many thanks.

Swedish Which is the best in the NHL? Who is worst?
/ Richard
ANSWER: The best moment is probably Henrik Zetterberg. Who is the worst I have no idea.

Do you plan to have children? Is it good to be the NHL's best goalie?
/ Robin in Linköping
ANSWER: No, no plans like that available right now. I do not feel as the NHL's best goalie. Sometimes it goes good, sometimes it is less good. It is hard to tell against other how good it is.

Is it true that all players in the NHL is chewing his mouthguard?
/ Jimmy in Linköping
ANSWER: I am perhaps not the right man to ask, then I have no mouth guard and is so far from the booth. But yes, many of the outfield players do.

From 2010-06-16

Would you be willing to fight with the opponent's goalie on the publicity of competing at some point?
/ Peter, Constance.
ANSWER: I have never had to do it even if it was known to sometimes. Not impossible that I have to do it sometime in the future, when the rules are such observations, it becomes a råkurr with all players on the ice involved.

Meet you and Joel and still a bit of lirar guran as before?
/ Helena in Software
ANSWER: Yes, it happens in the summer that we take up the guitars and lirar bit. But it is more sporadic than before.

Once you get home to Sweden again, it may be that you are watching Frölunda cage again? We miss you!
/ Per Gothenburg
ANSWER: Thank you, as I said before, so it is not impossible.

First let me say that you are terribly nice. What was it like to win the national championship with Frölunda against Farjestad?
/ Ss
ANSWER: The second time was a bit especially considering that all the pros were at home during the NHL lockout and there were many teams that were good that season. It was a fun end to Sweden-time.

Is it not those who are not good enough out there that is Mali?;) What made you choose the goalkeeper role? Have you ever regretted the choice?
/ Jonas
ANSWER: I do not really know why I became a goalkeeper. I was a goalie right from the first hockey training. Sure, I have changed my mind when I was younger. There is pressure on that goalie.

When are you coming back to Frölunda? When you play the next game with the Rangers?
Woxman Daniel, age 8, Älvängen
ANSWER: I do not know. We face the New York Islanders at home tonight and then I watch the cage.

Have you ever doubted that the world's best?
/ Roberth "Happiness" Lyckholm
ANSWER: Of course you doubt yourself sometimes. It questions how good it is. Heaviest period I had when I was 18 and tried to beat me into the top division.

From 2010-06-16

Sure you just love New York? What is the favorite city?
/ Thomas Larsson
ANSWER: Will be become the Upper West Side, where I live. Soho is also delicious.

How do you remember the lo-abbris exercise in Hjärnarp with Rögle?
/ Anders Hjärnarp
ANSWER: Remember the non-exercise, but of course I remember you, Anders. My old juniortränare. Good to hear from you.

Hope you hold tight when I come and look at you when you meet Pebben with more 20 / 1. You might see me in my Frölunda Jersey that you signed for my birthday.
/ Calle Hedstrom
ANSWER: Will do my best. And keep an eye out.

Who do you think is best Eliteserien Swedish goalie?
/ Anton
ANSWER: I have just too bad track to be able to rate. But it's great that a number of young goalkeepers come in recent years.

Should the New York 17/12-22/12 with family. Thought watch Rangers vs Penguins 18/12. Only need 5 tickets, simple huh?
/ Ronny Svensson
ANSWER: You can order tickets online at.

I was and got to experience your first "zero" of the NHL in Madison Square Garden and heard the crowd chanting your name during the match. It was a powerful experience!
Do you hear yourself during the matches and how does it feel to hear it then?
In addition to the MSG arena / stadiums like best and what / who is the greatest?
/ Tobbe
ANSWER: Of course you hear it and some games will be more concerned by what they scream than others. Is it good and we win, it is obviously a nice feeling. It's always nice to be appreciated.

Missing Gothenburg?
/ Rose-Marie in Gothenburg.
ANSWER: Yes, I do. Often think of summer at home when I'm here in New York during the winter.

What does your most expensive item of clothing? And what was that you bought?
/ Christer
ANSWER: I really have not acted any super-expensive clothing. Nothing I have felt anxiety over afterwards anyway.

What do you think that you should see / do in New York that not everyone else do when they tourists visiting them?
/ Anna in Mölndal.
ANSWER: I understand that many want to see Times Square, but not stuck in tourist snag it without discovering other parts of town. For example, the West Village and Soho.

From 2010-06-16

I find it hard to believe the headlines about you and Joel just looked at each other now when you last met in a match. I mean, sure you are a professional, but you are also twins ... What do you and Joel to each other during a match now that you are not playing the same team? Some little sneer or why not a little praise for each other ought to be able to slip out during a match?
/ Niclas Fridén
ANSWER: He had only one position in front of me during the match, so there was not much said. But some of his teammates hatched out over some deposits in my direction, I do not want to go into.

Which player in the NHL's best and worst to free warehouses?
/ Pierre
ANSWER: The best is probably maybe Ilya Kovalchuk in Atlanta. Who is the worst I do not know.

Will you return to Gothenburg and played for Frölunda after the NHL?
/ Winnie
ANSWER: As I said, we'll see when I'm finished with the NHL.

Will you play any more in Frölunda? How do you think you are doing in the NHL? Are you Frölunda something? How is life in Manhattan?
/ Ida in Borås
ANSWER: Yes, I follow Frölunda and check the results and tabelläget. Occasionally I also talk with my old goalie coach, Michael Lehner.

Did you get your free Hummer?
/ Adde, Gävle
ANSWER: No, I did not.


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