Henrik is in Sweden for the Summer

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do you have an overwhelming urge to celebrate the Midsommar Festival? Yeah, I do too.

Our wonderful goalie, Henrik, is back in Sweden till August when he will come back for the NY Rangers training camp. I don't know whether he celebrated the marriage yesterday of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel or not, but I'm sure he's celebrating the Midsommar Festival. Do you think he dances around drunk with flowers in his hair? I would pay to see that.

On a completely unrelated note, this is the Crown Prince Carl of Sweden. Do they or do they not make extremely handsome men in Sweden? MY god! Between Henrik and Carl I think I'll move over there. And yes, Crown Prince Carl is not married. Go to it girls! You still have a chance to be royalty! LOL I'd rather be attached to King Henry but hey, we can't all be that lucky.

Do you wonder what the Swedes do at the Midsommar Festival besides dancing around drunk with flowers in their hair? This should give you an idea:

Those crazy Swedes.

I'm pretty sure Henrik will carry on this summer the way he did the last several. He'll visit friends and family, go to nightclubs, go to parties, and coach at his Gold in the Net hockey goalie camp.

He'll probably stop by the Bandit 104.8 rock station studio in Gothenburg again.

Here's Hank partying last summer. He looks a bit juiced.
From Henrik Lundqvist

He got to ride in a racecar last summer in the Gothenburg city race.
Henrik Lundqvist Goteborg city race

Perhaps he'll go to the Frolunda Indians ice rink the Scandinavium in Gothenburg (Henrik's team when he played in the SEL) and visit his larger than life poster.
Henke Frolunda poster
Nice goatee.

Or maybe he'll play some tennis with his bro Joel.
Henrik and Joel tennis

Here he is coaching at his Gold in the Net Hockey camp.
Henrik gold in net camp

Here's a camp photo. I don't think I need to point out Henrik to anyone.
Henrik gold in net camp


Carol said...

Ahhh....thanks so much for putting together this lovely pictorial. Gave me warm fuzzies (somewhere, I won't say where. ;o) He is such a fine looking man. Sometimes it hits me all over again and takes my breath away.

I hope Henrik has a lovely summer with his family and camp, and I really hope he gets some good relaxation time in.

Tere said...

Very nice photos :)

It is Prince Carl Philip, not Crown Prince Carl. There is no Crown Prince but a Crown Princess: Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Are you positive he is in Sweden now? How do you know for sure?

christine said...

The last we heard from him was at the Rangers subscribers lunch where he said he was heading out to Sweden for the rest of the month and summer.

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