Henrik's Advice for Frolunda Players Heading to the NHL

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Henrik at his goalie camp

Henrik left the Frolunda Indians in 2005 to go to the NY Rangers camp. He's said in other interviews that the Swedish elite league does a better job of helping rookies get settled in than the NHL. Expression.se asked Henrik if he had any advice for the current Swedish rookies heading to the NHL. The current crop and where they are going is: Joakim Andersson, Detroit; Fredrik Pettersson, Atlanta; Philip Larsen, Dallas; Mathis Olimb, Chicago.

I think it's cute the newspaper called Henrik by his nickname Henke.

Henrik Lundqvist, 28, has just completed his fifth season in the NHL and now vacation home in New York.
But he still has an eye on what happens in the last club Frölunda, which of course twin brother Joel is the team captain.
"Really enjoyable"
- I saw that Fredrik Pettersson is here in the NHL, he was really nice to get a chance, "says Henke.
Frölunda course lose four players, the chances do you think they are beating themselves with their new clubs?
- Hard to say, I have only seen Freddan play, the goalkeeper world responds. But it does not surprise me that he just get the chance, I think he has a good chance to take a seat.
Both Fredrik Pettersson and Mathis Olimb course is relatively short (178 and 179 centimeters), too short for the NHL?
- For some years ago but not anymore. Rule changes have altered the conditions for smaller players, they are not stopped as easily now.
Fast players
- Therefore, many clubs now in the first place to have fast players, and when the size is not as important.
What should you consider when you come as a new player for an NHL club?
- The first weeks at the camp is a good starting point, and sometimes even critical, "says Henrik Lundqvist. This applies to the coach to like one from the beginning.
How do you mean by that?
- By that come well prepared, keep a low profile and realize you are starting from zero. We must also focus on his own game, not caring about what you play with and what they do.
Many in the queue
- What we have done before is not important. The challenge is to show what you go for the first day.
Otherwise ..?
- Some players are eliminated after a few days. There is nothing like in Sweden where you often get a chance to grow into the new team.
- There are lots of players who stand in line to take your place.
Are there any tricks to impress the coaches?
- No, all coaches are different. It is just about to perform.


Carol said...

Thanks for this article. It's so nice to still be hearing Henrik news now that the season is over. Anything is appreciated!!

I love to see pictures of him with kids. He looks like he enjoys them.

I hope Joel is doing well in Frolunda. I think he got hurt last season. I wonder if their seasons coincide with the NHL, so he's off now too...I could look that up, I'm sure.

Have you heard when Henrik will be leaving for Sweden?

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