Lundqvist Has Second Shutout Of The Olympics Against Finland

Monday, February 22, 2010

Henrik came back refreshed and ready to rock at the much anticipated Sweden vs Finland game Sunday night. It was another shutout for Henrik which makes it two shutouts in a row for Hank. The toughest save he had was the first one and after that it was a pretty easy game for him with not much action.

I did laugh out loud though when one of the announcers did a replay of a head butt save that Hank did along with sound effects when the puck got knocked away. I really didn't know until now that goalies headed pucks, but according to an interview after the game Henrik said he doesn't like anything to block his view and would rather knock the pucks aside with his head when he can.

So now it's today a rest day, Tuesday practice and then Wednesday another game. No idea who they will play at the moment but they have to win to stay in the medal running. I'm pretty sure that the rest of the Sweden team will continue to provide good support and help Henrik win the game. Unlike the Rangers.


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