King Henrik sitting out Belarus game

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hank is sitting out the Sweden Belarus game tonight so he can rest up. It's a terrific plan because he needs the rest from his being overworked with the Rangers, plus he needs to be hot for the medal rounds.

I know this is a very good idea, but my eyes aren't happy with it. This means a distinct lack of screen time for Henrik! What's a Lundqvist fan to do? I hope they turn the cameras on him at least some of the game to keep me happy. Since he'll be sitting in the press box during the game, there's a good chance Henrik will be on camera. I hope so. I've got my DVR already set up to record this game while I'm at work.

Here's some Henrik eye candy to tide you over.


Tee said...

He was interviewd during the breaks and after the match by SVT1. And he did look gorgeous :)

christine said...

I need to figure out how I can get access to the video and screencap it. That jogging uniform/track suit/whatever he had on was cute. Plus I had never seen him in tennis shoes before!

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