Henrik Lundqvist With Groin Injury

Saturday, February 20, 2010

From a Swedish interview with Henrik, www.expressen.se, we find out that Henrik has been dealing with a groin injury the entire NHL season.

Henrik Lundqvist is disturbed by a groin injury and rested entirely from Belarus Match. - It has not felt one hundred since the beginning of the season, "said Lundqvist to HockeyExpressen.se.

Since early last fall have Henrik Lundqvist suffered a groin injury.
Yet New York Rangers star goalie played 54 NHL games. Only three NHL goalies have played more matches.

That shows you what a trooper Henrik is. Those groin injuries hurt especially when you're a goalie and have to do incredible stretch saves during the game. Poor Henrik! I hope he recovers some time soon long before the NHL playoffs. Or at least before the summer in Sweden. Guy needs to be 100% to keep the Rangers alive.

But I feel for him too, that can't be fun running around with your groin in pain during the game. And embarrassing. Just imagine the team doctor, physical therapists all focusing in on the groin. Yikes. Let's hope the groin massages he's been getting are at least from female physical therapists. And if the Rangers have none, I am willing to take one for the team and help Henrik's groin get back into shape. You can count on me.


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